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‘The Road Back to You’ coauthor to release
relationships Enneagram book with IVP

WESTMONT, ILThe Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile has quickly become IVP’s bestselling title after releasing in October 2016. InterVarsity Press is now pleased to announce that in April 2018 Stabile will be launching another book about the Enneagram titled The Path Between Us: An Enneagram Journey to Healthy Relationships. 

The Enneagram, an ancient personality typing system, is known for its uncanny accuracy in describing how human beings are wired, both positively and negatively. Stabile, an internationally recognized Enneagram master teacher, has conducted more than five hundred Enneagram workshops at renowned universities, churches, and for-profit and nonprofit entities. Along with her husband, Rev. Joseph Stabile, she is also the cofounder of Life in the Trinity Ministry, a nonprofit, nondenominational ministry committed to the spiritual growth and formation of adults.

“One of the privileges of being an editor is learning from authors,” said Cindy Bunch, IVP’s associate publisher, editorial. “It has been my delight to learn more about the Enneagram from Suzanne Stabile in our work on The Road Back to You. She has a wealth of wisdom on applying the Enneagram to relationships, and I look forward to being on the front lines of reading and learning from her again.”

Jeff Crosby, IVP’s publisher, said, “Suzanne’s work in support of the coauthored book The Road Back to You has clearly demonstrated her keen ability as a communicator of the Enneagram tool of self-discovery. She has been a delight to work with from start to finish, and we are privileged to bring her next book with its unique focus on relationships to market next year.”

The Road Back to You, a primer on the Enneagram, has introduced more than fifty thousand readers to the Enneagram numbers. Stabile says that the intended audience for The Path Between Us is those people who know their Enneagram numbers and want to improve their relationships at work, in their community, and at home.

“My hope is that my work in this book will add understanding and insight to a conversation about problems and rewards in relating to other people,” Stabile said. “At the same time I will suggest some new patterns of behavior that will enhance our contribution to healthy relationships and suggest ideas for relating to people of each number whether or not they know the Enneagram.”

Sheryl Fullerton, Stabile’s agent, first got to know her as an Enneagram student and friend. They have now known each other and collaborated on various projects for ten years, most recently on the publishing of The Path Between Us. “I have always seen Suzanne as an incredibly gifted teacher, a delightful (and funny) person, and a deeply wise spiritual mentor, so when she asked me to be part of publishing her book, I was glad to help,” Fullerton said. “I am also a longtime admirer of IVP and its staff. That admiration grew exponentially as I’ve seen the excellence of what they have done to make The Road Back to Youa bestseller. So when it came time for Suzanne to write her new book, The Path Between Us, we knew IVP was the best home for it. We are so happy that IVP agreed.”

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