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(February 28, 2014) – In response to retailer feedback, and after months of development, The Parable Group unveiled a new partner store website—ParableConnect—which serves as the information, data and resource hub for their entire group of retail partner stores nationwide. ParableConnect features dynamic marketing, merchandising/inventory, and operational content designed to provide actionable metrics to retailers as they operate their businesses and serve their local communities.

“ParableConnect is a huge improvement over our previous site [MemberNET] in every possible way,” said Erik Ernstrom, Manager of Business Intelligence for The Parable Group. “The retailer experience has been completely re-thought, and now features interactive and real-time analytics designed to help retailers improve inventory selection, drive more transactions, increase sales and optimize their marketing spend.”

ParableConnect is easy to navigate, and filled with useful information, accessible data, and valuable retailer resources. Full-service partner stores have unlimited access to all the functionalities and reporting on ParableConnect, including promotion response analysis, inventory and transaction comparisons, live customer data, and predictive mailing. Partner stores can also can log in and pull a mailing list of customers who are likely to respond to a promotion, explore new features that coordinate with the services they are signed up for, place orders for exclusive products, manage their accounts, and access marketing and merchandising tools and resources.

“Today’s launch shows the value of an intuitive and modern site to help our partner stores find what they need and make key decisions,” said Michael McCreary, Manager of Information Technology at The Parable Group. “Our aim was to make a customer-centric site where transactional data, customer data and inventory data is actionable.”

According to The Parable Group, the data warehoused on ParableConnect allows retailers to put the right product in the right place for the right audience. For example, a retailer could learn which customers respond best to catalogs, emails and postcards. They may even learn something as specific as which books are selling well in stores across the country—helping the retailer to stock the right product and arrange the store for customer convenience.

Retailers who explore data on ParableConnect will gain the needed insight to send the right offer to a smaller and highly-interested segment of their customer list, rather than blasting a generic offer to their entire customer list. Instead of mailing all customers, targeting saves enough money for current partner stores to send additional traffic-driving promotions to their customers.

“Overall, ParableConnect allows retailers to understand their data, connect to their customers via their preferred channels, improve the consumer experience, improve the consumer/retailer relationship, and increase customer loyalty,” said Steve Potratz, Founder and President of The Parable Group. “But most importantly, accessing actionable data on ParableConnect allows retailers to improve profitability as they serve their local communities.”

The Parable Group currently serves 188 unique partner stores across all marketing groups with multi-channel service options that allow any Christian store in the industry to select the service mix that is right for their business—whether it be data services, digital/email services or print/mail services. All partner stores have access to ParableConnect.


For nearly 30 years The Parable Group has helped independent stores buy, promote and sell products using data, technology and marketing expertise in the Christian market. The Parable Group is a leading retail services provider specializing in print and digital marketingfor independent Christian stores, and delivering innovative, industry-leading marketing solutions connecting products and services to Christian consumers. For more information, contact Sally Ross ( or visit The Parable Group is based in San Luis Obispo, CA.