As we are shooting video footage for our clients’ marketing and fundraising campaigns, or adapting client supplied video content for social or web use, our video production team often is asked about the phrase “color correction” and why it is so important from a media standpoint.  It has come up often enough that we decided we should blog on it to help all our clients have this visual insight, to know (& see) what a difference color can make in visual creatives.

Before color correction

The first picture is a screen capture of raw video that was shot for a testimonial video for one of our clients. As you can see, the white balance got away from the onsite team at the ministry, and the video appears very green.

After color correction

The second image is a screen capture of the video after we color corrected it.  Notice the tremendous difference! Our subject now looks healthy and warm.  The texture and tone of the video is beautifully detailed.   Color correction is a very important part of the video production process.   While some level of color correction may be needed on any given project, paying special attention at the time of filming can prevent massive color issues like you see in the sample above that will create additional cost and time delay as they are dealt with in post-production.


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