Friend Scott on FacebookI just read an article over at Gawker today that Facebook has finally upgraded their system so that we can protect ourselves from hijackers looking for easy targets for identity theft while we go about our own internet activities in a public place such as a Starbucks or Panera.   You would think they would have made this simple but critical update really easy for us all to implement, but of course they buried it deep in the Account Settings area of your Profile.

This is a critical update that you really should take advantage of.  Facebook is finally offering you the option to operate securely inside of your profile using the HTTPS encrypted protocol.  That’s the same protocol that protects your credit card information when you are buying something from an online store.

According to the article, you should check now if it’s available, and sign up as soon as it is enabled for your account. There’s basically no drag on your computer from it. It won’t slow you down, and it’s a critical step to keep your Facebook account safe from being hijacked on an open or poorly secured wireless network.

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