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“The End of Mental Illness” by Dr. Daniel G. Amen cracks bestseller lists on launch day

New Tyndale House Publishers Release Reaches Top 100 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

CAROL STREAM, ILL. – Tyndale House Publishers (@tyndalehouse) announced that The End of Mental Illness by #1 New York Times bestselling author Dr. Daniel G. Amen ( rocketed to top 100 hourly rankings on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble soon after his new book launched nationally on Tuesday, March 3.

The success of Dr. Amen’s book launch has been buoyed by a national marketing and publicity campaign, as well as a PBS special on the book that has been broadcast on a variety of major market PBS outlets throughout the country. In addition to the PBS special, Dr. Amen will appear on local network television morning shows in more than 30 markets on Thursday, March 5, including Denver, St. Louis, Atlanta, and Phoenix. Dr. Amen also interviewed with CNN’s Lynn Smith for On the Story and was featured extensively in Justin Bieber’s new docuseries, Seasons.

In addition to his television appearances, Dr. Amen has been interviewed on nearly 30 podcasts, including Better Together with Maria MenounosOn Purpose with Jay ShettyLarry King Now, and Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey.

The advertising campaign reached millions nationwide through outlets such as Psychology TodayWashington Times, and Spirituality and Health.

The End of Mental Illness provides new hope for those suffering from conditions like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, addictions, PTSD, ADHD, and more. Though incidence of these conditions is skyrocketing, standard treatments haven’t changed much in the past four decades, and success rates in treating them have barely improved. Meanwhile, the stigma of the “mental illness” label—damaging and devastating on its own—often prevents sufferers from getting the help they need.

Dr. Amen is on the forefront of a new movement within medicine and related disciplines that aims to change that. In The End of Mental Illness, Dr. Amen draws on the latest findings of neuroscience to challenge an outdated psychiatric paradigm and help readers take control and improve the health of their own brain, minimizing or reversing conditions that may be preventing them from living a full and emotionally healthy life. To aid diagnosis and treatment, Amen Clinics have done more than 170,000 brain scans on patients from 121 countries.

The End of Mental Illness will help readers discover:

  • Why labeling someone as having a “mental illness” is not only inaccurate but harmful
  • Why standard treatments may not have helped you or a loved one—and why diagnosis and treatment based on symptoms alone so often misses the true cause and results in poor outcomes
  • At least 100 simple things you can do yourself to heal your brain and prevent or reverse the problems that are making you feel sad, mad, or bad
  • Where to find the kind of health provider who understands and uses the new paradigm of brain health

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