The Book Club NetworkThe Book Club Network – Annual Sponsorship Package

The Book Club Network and Book Fun Magazine is a first stop for many Christian authors and publishers to promote their latest books.

We have just announced new premium placements in the Book Fun digital magazine, and new Direct Email options to their 500,000 subscribers and 30,000 Homeschoolers, as well as Video Book Spot & Video Blog production/promotions.

By far, the best value is their Annual Sponsorship Package, where savvy publishers and authors are saving tens of thousands of dollars annually to reach the largest book club audience in Christendom.

Annual Sponsors are promoted through the magazine and on all of our social networks. The Book Club Network reaches…

  • 490,000+ readers
  • 3,000+ book club leaders
  • 700+ reader reviewers
  • 100+ bloggers
  • Our various Social accounts are relatively new and already reach 35,000+ on Facebook and 12,000+ on Twitter.
  • We are about much more than an ad placement or a banner on a website.


  • 12-Month Bundle Package, $10,000
  • 6 Month Bundle Package, $7,500
  • Note: Premium Positioning is first come, first serve with limited availability.
  • All bookings are due in advance.

Sponsors who commit to a full year with us will receive the following.  Six month sponsors receive the first 3 bullet points:

  • 2 Full page ads every month (24).
  • 2 Column spaces in each issue (24). 750-1500 words, per our specs as listed in media kit
  • Reader Reviews – 2 books per month (24 books – approximately 120 or more reviews each – see details below).
  • One Cover Feature per year – includes your author on the Book Fun cover, interview, column space, and book review.
  • Priority given for potential additional interviews, contests or other creative campaigns.
  • 10% discount for Annual Sponsors for Direct Email sends of 100,000 or more.

*** Ask about upgrades for premium positioning, direct email sends, web site banner ads, & video book spots or video blogs production/promotion.


What are Reader Reviews?
TCBN will make 30 copies of the book available (20 paperbacks and 10 ebooks) for free to Book Fun readers in exchange for their commitment to write a review.  The reader then is required to post the review everywhere they can find the book on the major outlets (see bullet points.) We do not sell reviews. We give access to our reviewers as a part of our annual sponsorship packages. While we suggest that people excuse themselves if they do not like a book, readers are encouraged to share their honest opinion.  It

  • TCBN builds a public page within the site community where the author is able to interact with the readers who are writing reviews and posting wherever books are sold.  The author can see each review and the locations where the review was posted.   Author can then interact with the readers there.
  • TCBN builds a second, private page where TCBN’s readers request a copy of the book.  It can generate some sales of the book because of the limiting to 20 paperbacks and 10 ebooks freebies.  After that, the readers have to buy the book in order to review it.  We will provide the addresses to you for a one time use, so you can mail the books.
  • Reader reviews deliver approximately 30+ people posting across multiple outlets like Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Christian Book Distributors, Kobo, iTunes, and more:   anywhere they can find the book when they Google it or look it up on their reader.  They are obligated to post their reviews.  They will also post in their blog if they have one.  If the book has normal distribution, then this Reader Review process will generate approximately 30 readers posting to at least 4 outlets, or approximately 120+ reviews.



Ala Carte Items:



Premium positions:

  • Magazine Inside Front Cover      $1,800   (Page 1)
  • Page 2                                                   $1,800  – new!
  • In first 15 pages                                $1,675  – new!
  • Cover Story Ad                                  $1,675 – new!
    – left page of the article spread
  • End of Cover Story page               $1,675  – new!
    – right side page
    Magazine inside Back Cover        $1,600
  • Magazine Back Cover                     $1,700 – new!

All premium positions are currently available to lock down on an annual basis.

Standard Placements:

  • 2 Page Spread                                   $2,500 – new!
  • Magazine Full Page                         $1,500
  • Magazine Half Page                        $800
  • Magazine Quarter Page                 $600



  • Direct Email Campaign up to 500,000       5 cents per subscriber
  • New –Note: Minimum send is 100,000                 $5,000
  • New –Home Schoolers – 30,000 subscribers       $1,500

New –Email Discounts:

  • 10% off to Annual Sponsors for sends of 100,000 or more.
  • 10% off for orders of 1 per quarter or 4 send volume of 100,000 or more.




  1. Video Book Spots:           $750 TOTAL COST  ($500 for Annual Sponsors)
    1. We will create 4 x 45 second spots with 30 seconds of copy (or less)
    2. Video promotions outlined above are promoted on Book Fun TV and marketed on all our sites.
  1. Video Blogs:                       Four in one month: $1,500  or $750 for one video blog
    1. 3- 5 minutes in length
    2. Shot and edited by The Book Club Network, then placed on our network
    3. Video promotions outlined above are promoted on Book Fun TV and marketed on all our sites.
    4. Use these videos everywhere – not limited to our network.
    5. Better than the cost of production you may currently be paying, PLUS extensive distribution in our network!


That’s a lot to digest, so feel free to contact us through our web site and mention The Book Club Network in order to receive a phone call from one of our Engagement Specialists to further discuss your needs.


09/2015 UPDATE:  This package has been updated. Please contact us for current information.