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The 2021 Taipei International Book Fair held online

The 2021 Taipei International Book Exhibition moved online amid concerns over COVID-19. It adjusted its run, from the original offline plan to finish on January 31 to a new schedule which keeps all its digital offerings available through May 31.

The book fair was hosted by the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan with the Guest of Honor country, Korea.

At the opening ceremony at 11:30 am on the 26th, a congratulatory message from Taiwanese Minister of Culture Mr. Yung-Te Lee, a greeting message from the Chairman of the Korean Publishers Association, Mr. Yoon Chul-Ho, and a special reading performance video clips were presented through the YouTube channel.

International publishing forums and online pitching programs to share knowledge and information, copyright exchange, and network of publishing experts in Korea and Taiwan were also held. In the pitching program, 14 publishers and agencies from Korea and 15 publishers from Taiwan participated in various copyright exchanges, including the export of published contents.

Christian publishing company Urim Books, an international member of ECPA, introduced the biblical figure book series:  “Abraham, the Friend of God,” “Jacob I Have Chosen, Descendant of Abraham, My Friend,” and “Joseph, A Passage to God’s Covenant.” They also presented another book series entitled “Spirit, Soul and Body”(Volume1)(Volume2) to the Taiwanese publishers and agencies.  Also, Urim’s 10 titles were introduced through the book fair’s official website.