Should I Become A Non-Profit?

If you are called to be a ministry, then you should seriously consider the option of setting your ministry up as a non-profit. As artists in ministry, I don’t think that we have to be trying to grind out sales to our fans in order to put food on our tables. So far as I can tell, the Levites were called by God to minister to His people, who in turn provided for them through their offerings (Numbers 18.)

Fan Development

As artists, we need to stop thinking about how to sell our CDs. Instead we need to think about how to develop fans. Isn’t that what you’ve wanted to do all along? Don’t you want to write and play music that connects people to God? We are leading people in worship. Leading requires relationship, so the real question becomes “How many ways can I have relationship with my audience?”

Introduction: Ministry + Artistry = Profitability? Creating your MAP™

Welcome to the first of a multi-part series on marketing for worship leaders. I’m prayerfully excited to begin this dialogue with you in the hope that God will bring us together to help extend your reach in worship music and the arts. One of the most frequently asked questions I hear is “How do I make it in the music industry?” I’ve heard that question stated in many different ways, but the common thread is about making ends meet. For me, that is M + A = P which is the MAP™ I think I have for you. Can Ministry + Artistry = Profitability? Absolutely. How you get there will depend on your answers to several key questions. Let’s nail down the first question.