Read the Worship Musician Magazine August 2022 issue now

Read the August 2022 issue of [WM] which is filled with six #BetterBySunday sections for worship leaders and their worship teams: Artists Songs + Repertoire Vocals Teams + Leadership Worship Guitar Player Worship Drums Bass + Keys Church Tech + Marketing Músicos Adoradores Worship Musician digital magazine is the leading source of worship team training and general music news for the worship leader or minister of music, and Christian Music fans delivered to more than 2,300,000 email subscribers monthly. WM…

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Reach Worship Leader Conference Ticket Buyers through Worship Musician Email

Worship Musician just let us know that we can now send a few direct email ads each month to their email list of Christian Musician Summit ticket buyers. WM Digital Magazine is the #1 publication read by Worship Leaders and Teams and the sister publication of the Christian Musician Summits. These are Worship Leaders and Team Members who attend the various Christian Musician Summit conferences around the country. This exclusive list connects you to worship leaders and teams who are…

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Check out Worship Musician’s Interactive May Issue & Deadlines for the June Issue

The May issue just released last week, and now we are getting a chance to share it with you. CHECK OUT THE INTERACTIVE ADS, and don’t miss the insights from Mike Pilavachi:  SEE MAY at More House of Worship video content was produced and/or streamed live last month than Hollywood itself put out. 🙂 CLOSING UP JUNE We connect you like no other. Don’t miss this chance to make your impact during this crucial time. WM is the leading publication…

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Worship Musician February 2020 – Reach 1 Million Subscribers

FINAL REMINDER: How do you reach 1 million worshippers? The digital magazine Worship Musician.  We are closing the FEB issue this week. 1,000,000 double opt-in subscribers. $1,250 gets you an interactive 2-page spread! Space Reservation:   NOW Drop Dead Artwork Due Date:     Friday, Feb 7 See the WM Media Kit – November issue DON’T MISS OUT: BUY ONE FULL PAGE GET ONE FREE!  (BOGO!) Full page placements are Buy One Get One Free so $1,250 gets you a 2-page spread with your INTERACTIVE video(s), store link,…

Read More … Sets Records For Visitors, Page Views And Video Views Over Easter 2013 Sets Records For Visitors, Page Views And Video Views Over Easter 2013 Orange County, CA –, part of the FrontGate Web Network, has been the flagship worship resource online for over 10 years, reaching worship leaders and music ministers who are seeking new songs and resources. Songs like “How Great Is Our God,” “Here I Am to Worship,” “Everlasting God,” “In Christ Alone” and “Your Grace Is Enough” are just the tip of the iceberg in their searchable…

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FrontGate Media’s Offer of the Month – The Site That Ranked in the Top 5 Performers for the JESUS Film app Launch

FrontGate Media’s Offer of the Month is our web site! averages over 300,000 unique visitors and 1.3 million page views each month generated from key content features including weekly Free Song downloads and New Song Cafe instructional videos featuring many of today’s most compelling and influential worship leaders and songwriters.

Over 525,000 registered members are coming to the site, averaging almost 5 minutes per visit, to find the songs and resources they need to lead their services each week.

The weekly newsletter update is sent to over 128,000 opt-in subscribers featuring the latest new songs, downloads and other content added to the site, as well as any new resources available for purchase.

FrontGate Media’s Offer of the Week – CMS Church Leader Direct Email

FrontGate Media’s Offer of the Week is the CMS Church Leader Direct Email. CMS Productions is home to the largest worship leader and church musician training conferences in the marketplace reaching over 3500 attendees annually. CMS is also the home for two of the leading musician magazines: Worship Musician! and Christian Musician. CMS Productions exists to provide practical training and resources for musicians, technicians, worship leaders, indie artists and songwriters in order to improve skill and inspire talent for God’s…

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NWLC Hosts Premier Worship Training Event – Leawood, Kansas, July 16-19

San Juan Capistrano, CA – The National Worship Leader Conference (NWLC) was founded in 2007 to meet the musical, theological, and media training needs of those who bring the services of worship to their congregations on a weekly basis.

Designed and created to foster both skill and spiritual growth and to include the full range of worship team members whether pastoral, musical, media, or tech, the NWLC has grown yearly and in 2012 will offer 14 tracks and over 100 classes with those who attend coming from 45 states and seven nations. It has become the premier exemplar of worship leader training conferences worldwide and features daily worship and four nights of worship led this year by David Crowder, Laura Story, Paul Baloche, Israel Houghton and others with a total of over 16 worship bands and/or artists leading. The keynote speakers and worship faculty comprise leaders from theology, technology, visual media, music and songwriting.

Social Media In Action: Every Man Ministries

Over the last two columns, we have addressed where you should start and what you should share. Now let’s take a look at a real world case study.

Every Man Ministries (EMM) was founded in 2000 by Kenny Luck, men’s pastor at Saddleback Church. They have a “simple” goal: to revolutionize men’s ministry, free men spiritually, and ignite spiritual health worldwide.

With a passion to reach, relate to, and re-ignite men to become God’s men living out God’s purposes, Every Man Ministries engaged us here at FrontGate Media to bolster social media engagement.

Social Media – What Do I Share?

So based on the last issue’s column, now that you’ve planted you embassy in one or more of the social media countries, what do you share?

As we explore social media more deeply, let’s take a look at what you should share. Notice that I said “should.” There are lots of things you “can” share, but as you’ve probably already noticed from other people’s posts, there are lots of things you don’t really need to be sharing.

One of our core Audience Delivery Services at FrontGate Media is Social Media. We have a lot of experience in this area. I spend my time working for our clients to develop a strategy around their ministry or business. I’m going to share our strategy with you.

FrontGate Media’s Offer of The Week: Christian Musician Summits

CMS Productions is home to the largest worship leader and musician training conferences in the church and the CBA marketplace reaching over 3500 attendees annually. We are also the home for two of the leading musician magazines: Worship Musician! and Christian Musician, which have been growing in total circulation rather than declining.

The CMS events, Worship Musician and Christian Musician music reach the most active church leaders across the U.S. who are also high entertainment and education consumers seeking out Christian apps, books, films and DVDs, and of course a ton of music and gear. They are also seeking further education in their craft as leader and musician.

Promotional No-Brainers

Over the last few columns, we’ve been talking about Promotion. Last time, we walked through a brief overview of Advertising. Now we are going to talk about some specific No-Brainers. These No-Brainers come from my media group, FrontGate Media ( Our group is celebrating our 10th Anniversary this year. We are the #1 source of Christian Music fans and Worship Leaders & Church Musicians.

Promotion: Advertising

Over the last few columns, we’ve been talking about Promotion. Last time, we walked through a brief overview of Public Relations otherwise known as PR. Now we are going to talk about Advertising.

My philosophy on advertising is that in most cases, the goal of your ads should be Data Capture. You can read my blog on that topic at

The key to all of advertising is to answer the following question for your target audience: What’s In It For Me? The person viewing your ad is fully tuned into WIFM.