Design Tips for Successful Rich Media Ads

Our Christian market ad media tends to be low tech due to budget constraints, the rush to get through a large volume of creative quickly, and in some cases tech limitations on sites that will run the creative.

However, everyone wants to generate more engagement and clicks, so you should be at least entertaining the idea of rich media advertising for your campaigns.

VIDEOBAR – iTickets Will Feature Your Video or Commercial

Our TweetDeal of the Week for the week of February 5, 2012 is our exclusive Videobar┬« – playing your commerical spot, music video, book trailer, film trailer, cause promo or any other video DIRECTLY inside our 728×90 banner.

With this innovative new technology, when site visitors move their mouse over your video in the banner, it will increase in size and being to play the visual and audio immediately right there. This has proven to be create much higher engagement with consumers.