Model and Actress Nicole Weider Seeks to Encourage A New Generation with

Los Angeles, CA – While Nicole Weider’s name may not be familiar, her face certainly is. She has graced the pages of some of the world’s biggest magazines and catalogs, and has been seen in a variety of movies and hit TV shows. For years, she chased after a dream of Hollywood stardom. This success, however, came at a large cost.

Now, Nicole has dedicated her life to a more lasting and meaningful pursuit – encouraging teen girls to live full, healthy lives. What began as Nicole simply sharing her spiritual transformation on Facebook has quickly become one of 2011’s fastest growing teen-focused websites, Focused on nearly any issue facing teens, Project Inspired opens conversation and gives advice from a Christian perspective on topics such as faith, beauty, culture, relationships and life.

Project Inspired Launched To Create A Safe-Haven For Teen Girls

With the goal of helping to guide teenage girls in achieving their maximum potential, has launched in the hopes of being a strong voice and positive influence in the lives of young women. Every day in the news, we are inundated with stories of bullying, addiction, failed relationships and dangerous trends. Lies are being told to girls about issues such as body image, sexual experimentation and how to determine self-worth. Created by successful model Nicole Weider, seeks to provide wisdom, truth and honest answers to a generation of young women who are at a pivotal age in their development. Nicole has lived what was considered the “dream” in Hollywood. While her career was blossoming as a rising star and sought-after as a model, Nicole realized this success could not bring happiness or fulfillment.

The Nation’s Most Unique Christian Festival, Cornerstone Festival Continues To Inspire, Challenge And Engage In A Setting Like No Other

Since 1984, Cornerstone Festival has spent 28 years pushing boundaries and challenging the concept of what a Christian Festival “should” look like. Cornerstone is an annual pilgrimage for people of faith of all ages, styles, and denominations from around the world. Attendees join together 20,000 strong in the hills of Western Illinois for a week-long celebration that invigorates belief, inspires creativity, and showcases the best in pop culture, faith-based entertainment, spiritual engagement, and fun activities.

Cornerstone Festival 2011 will take place June 30 – July 3 at Cornerstone Farm in Bushnell, Illinois. Once a year for the past two decades, this small town in Western Illinois with less than 3500 residents becomes inundated with artists, musicians, and fans from across the globe who make a pilgrimage to experience an event unlike any other. Gives Christian Music Fans An Opportunity To Give Back To Worldwide Ministries (NRT), a leading Christian music and entertainment site and part of the FrontGate Media group, is excited to announce a new program that will give Christian music fans an opportunity to connect with each other while supporting worldwide missions throughout the remainder of 2010. Starting on October 1, 2010, and continuing through the end of the year, will be donating $0.25 to various ministries on behalf of every new member of the NRTeam, the site’s exclusive Christian music community that has welcomed just under 35,000 registered members to date.