4 Things Social Media Can Do For You

You have a Cause to promote. You have a product that will change lives. A hope giving, life changing, God Inspired kind of thing that really makes a positive impact. If only everyone could understand what you are doing and the impact it has. If only they understood how many more people your organization could help if they got involved.  How do you get the word out for EVERYTHING that you need to accomplish? You need buyers or donors. You need…

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Making YouTube Work For Your Brand

There are over 100 hours of content loaded to YouTube every hour, and over 1 billion users visit the site in a given month. With all of this content, how do you set yourself apart? YouTube is a more intimidating platform than Facebook, because the idea of making videos can be stressful and more expensive. Even though your company or brand may be active on Facebook, Twitter, and Klout, if they neglect YouTube, you will miss out on a massive audience by not taking on the challenge. It’s not as scary as it looks, we promise!

Social Media Tips – Facebook’s Biggest Flaw

When Facebook made the shift from “friend pages” to groups and fan pages, it created some frustration for those who are administrators. If you are an admin of one of these pages, you know that it’s great to gather and gain new fans, and to share your content with them. However, if you are “liked” by a fan who you would like to remove, there isn’t a way to easily remove them.
In what just may be Facebook’s biggest flaw, they offer no way for page administrators to mass admin their fans and followers.

Social Media: Where Do I Start?

Social Media continues to be a hot topic with lots of questions from the audience as I teach on marketing at events like the Christian Musician Summit and Christian Leadership Alliance.

I’ve been involved in social media since the very early days in 2007 when I brought one of the first Christian social media sites into our FrontGate Media group. We have served as Social Media agents for the Barnabas Group, Barbour Publishing, GMC, Kenny Luck at Every Man Ministries/Saddleback Church, the Christian Comic Arts Society and others.

I look at Social Media like establishing an embassy in a foreign country. By setting up shop inside one or more of the social media worlds, you are able to reach out to the local inhabitants, start to learn their culture, and establish relationships.