Marketing Tip: 5 More Ways for Non-Profits To Increase Donorship

Last month we discussed how the most successful donor acquisition campaigns not only grab people’s attention with compelling imagery to collect a name and encourage monthly giving, but are transparent, too.   (Read Top 5 Ways for Non-profits to Increase Donorship.) At FrontGate, we have proven repeatedly that building dedicated, engaged donors is about relationship and accessibility. Here are 5 more things that successful donor campaigns do to increase giving and maintain long term donors. 1. THEY GO MOBILE!  Mobile apps have…

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pureHOPE Announces Leadership Transition as PRESIDENT Noel Bouché Takes Helm

While celebrating the organization’s 30th anniversary, pureHOPE is honored to announce that new President Noel Bouché has assumed executive leadership of the ministry, succeeding Rick Schatz. The handoff is the culmination of a planned three-year leadership transition strategy that has been lauded by outside observers.

Case Study – pureHOPE Internship Program

Each year, pureHOPE offers a compelling summer internship designed to train a team of undergraduate students who are passionate about opposing the great evil of our day – modern sex trafficking. It is estimated that as many as 300,000 children in America are victims of sex trafficking each year. The organization welcomes applications from mature Christian students from all educational focuses who desire the opportunity to spend a summer understanding the connections between trafficking, porn, the sexualized culture, and what it means to pursue a lifestyle of justice. This year, pureHOPE partnered with FrontGate Media to expand their reach of applicants.