Hollywood Screenwriter Pens Controversial Novel: Noah Primeval, Did God Wipe Out a Race of Giants with the Flood?

Brian Godawa, the award-winning screenwriter of To End All Wars, says, “The most bizarre passage in the Bible that I never understood was Genesis 6:1-4 about what led up to the Great Flood. I mean, angels mating with humans and creating giants? What is that all about? Can that be real?” But when the author of the popular book Hollywood Worldviews studied the passage in depth, Godawa soon discovered that not only was it real, but it was an important narrative thread that weaves through the Bible all the way to King David. The Nephilim giants of the Bible have been a hot debate by scholars and religious leaders through history. In his research, Godawa found new insight into the ancient Near East that sheds light on this controversy.