Case Study: The Seed Company

The Seed Company was launched by Wycliffe Bible Translators in 1993 with a mandate to accelerate Bible translation. It started with pilot projects in 10 different languages linked to prayer partners and investors. Four years later, the model was working in 50 people groups and growing. Although Bible translation dates back to the first centuries of the Church, the spread into lesser-known languages began after the Reformation. Wycliffe Bible Translators initiated and led the modern Bible translation movement in the mid-20th century. By the 1980s, however, they realized that it would take 150 years at the current pace of translation to reach every people group. Wycliffe asked former CEO Bernie May to lead the initiative to build a model that would accelerate the pace of Bible translation and involve more national leadership.

What You Can Learn About Fundraising From My Daughter’s VBS

This year my daughter’s Vacation Bible School is raising funds to build houses for people in Nepal who lost their houses in the recent earthquake.  Today was the last day of VBS and my daughter was scouring my car for loose change and peeking into my purse for any loose dollars.  She had already given this week, but her enthusiasm to give had grown to the point that donating more money was way more important than Crazy Hair Day. I…

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Ministry Marketing & FrontGate: here’s how we serve others just like you

“I started working with FrontGate and immediately our numbers started going through the roof. Not only does FrontGate deliver results, they are a pleasure to work with.” – Jamie Stahler, National Day of Prayer Task Force Did you know that we were named World Vision’s #1 Emedia Partner for 6 years in a row? We are here to help you build your donor base by engaging our 10 million visitors and 5 million email subscribers in our Web Network, AND we go above…

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Your Year End Giving Plans?

“I started working with FrontGate and immediately our numbers started going through the roof. Not only does FrontGate deliver results, they are a pleasure to work with.” – Jamie Stahler, National Day of Prayer Task Force Do you need help with revenue strategy? Is your marketing execution the best it can be? Are you ready to discuss the KEY, END OF YEAR promotions and partnerships? Our appointment calendar has already been busy with orgs like Greg Laurie’s Harvest Crusades, Compassion International, Dickerson Bakker,…

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Social Media: Is It Relevant To OUR Audience?

We were recently at a business meeting with 35-40 senior business leaders and were asked some questions by a couple of attendees regarding the relevance of social media to their businesses leader and ministry members. “Is social media marketing relevant to our audience? What about our age audience?”

When we do presentations on Social Media around the country, we still find people who don’t understand the business value of social media involvement. As social networks become even more ingrained into the fabric of society and culture, nearly every faith-based business or ministry can find relevancy in maintaining an active social media presence.

Prescott Van Leer Joins FrontGate Media’s Audience Delivery Team as a Social Media Specialist

Orange County, CA – FrontGate Media; the leading faith-based, culture-engaged media & marketing group, and a leader in social media since 2007, announced today the addition of Prescott Van Leer to their Audience Delivery Services team as a Social Media Specialist.

Van Leer comes to FrontGate with experience in social media from his work for the California Clock Company, manufacturers of the iconic Original Kit-Cat® Clock. Van Leer is a perfect fit for the FrontGate Media service team: a creative thinker with experience creating success through social media, and a B.A in Marketing from California State University – Long Beach.

Cornerstone Festival Announces A New Look – New Pricing

Cornerstone Festival, the church’s most diverse celebration of Christians in art and culture, has a new look and a new pricing structure. To the seasoned attendees, the festival might take on a vintage feel.

For the past 29 years, faith-filled attendees of all ages, styles and denominations have made the pilgrimage to the hills of Western Illinois for this week-long celebration. They come to be inspired through seminary level classes and discussions, entertained with the best in music and film, spurred to further creativity with visual art, invigorated through sport and competition and to experience spiritual renewal among this diverse gathering of believers that makes the Cornerstone Festival community.

Promotional No-Brainers

Over the last few columns, we’ve been talking about Promotion. Last time, we walked through a brief overview of Advertising. Now we are going to talk about some specific No-Brainers. These No-Brainers come from my media group, FrontGate Media ( Our group is celebrating our 10th Anniversary this year. We are the #1 source of Christian Music fans and Worship Leaders & Church Musicians.

Project Inspired Launched To Create A Safe-Haven For Teen Girls

With the goal of helping to guide teenage girls in achieving their maximum potential, has launched in the hopes of being a strong voice and positive influence in the lives of young women. Every day in the news, we are inundated with stories of bullying, addiction, failed relationships and dangerous trends. Lies are being told to girls about issues such as body image, sexual experimentation and how to determine self-worth. Created by successful model Nicole Weider, seeks to provide wisdom, truth and honest answers to a generation of young women who are at a pivotal age in their development. Nicole has lived what was considered the “dream” in Hollywood. While her career was blossoming as a rising star and sought-after as a model, Nicole realized this success could not bring happiness or fulfillment.

Promotion: Advertising

Over the last few columns, we’ve been talking about Promotion. Last time, we walked through a brief overview of Public Relations otherwise known as PR. Now we are going to talk about Advertising.

My philosophy on advertising is that in most cases, the goal of your ads should be Data Capture. You can read my blog on that topic at

The key to all of advertising is to answer the following question for your target audience: What’s In It For Me? The person viewing your ad is fully tuned into WIFM.

Encounter with reality – guest Kenny Luck

This was powerful today so I’m reprinting the post from Kenny Luck’s “In Your Corner” email updates. Kenny is a friend as well as the founder of the Every Man Movement, and Men’s Pastor at Saddleback Church. Guys – subscribe to In Your Corner via the link at the top right of the Every Man Ministries web site. Enjoy this reminder and encouragement today. 🙂

JESUS RALLY at CORNERSTONE FESTIVAL Reunites Groundbreaking Artists

CORNERSTONE FESTIVAL continues to be a truly unique Christian Festival. Not only in that their focus includes seminars, art, sports, film and discussion, but in their commitment to bring together all ages and genres of music. This year continues that tradition with an unprecedented JESUS RALLY, with artists more common to the genre in the 70s and 80s. As the festival itself was groundbreaking in bringing a voice to some of the more creative and fringe artists in the genre, for 2011 Cornerstone decided to bring a new audience to the artists of the Jesus Music Movement that made the genre possible.

Newt Gingrich Kicks Off Presidential Run: An Unprecedented Faith-Based Advertising Opportunity

Last Wednesday, Newt Gingrich made his much-anticipated announcement that he will seek the Republican nomination for President. Beyond its political implications, Gingrich’s announcement presents an unprecedented opportunity for faith-based advertisers, or really any advertisers, looking to sponsor the Newt Gingrich Letter. This free e-letter is published ONLY Human Events, which is part of our FrontGate Media group. It is sent to hundreds of thousands of Newt’s loyal followers. With the highly increased level of media attention and visibility he will now receive, the Newt Gingrich Letter will surely be drawing even more engaged faith-based conservatives as they keep up with the candidates. Sponsorship of the Newt Gingrich Letter is the ONLY opportunity available to advertisers in the faith-based & conservative marketplaces in which you can directly align your brand and message with a presidential candidate.

The Nation’s Most Unique Christian Festival, Cornerstone Festival Continues To Inspire, Challenge And Engage In A Setting Like No Other

Since 1984, Cornerstone Festival has spent 28 years pushing boundaries and challenging the concept of what a Christian Festival “should” look like. Cornerstone is an annual pilgrimage for people of faith of all ages, styles, and denominations from around the world. Attendees join together 20,000 strong in the hills of Western Illinois for a week-long celebration that invigorates belief, inspires creativity, and showcases the best in pop culture, faith-based entertainment, spiritual engagement, and fun activities.

Cornerstone Festival 2011 will take place June 30 – July 3 at Cornerstone Farm in Bushnell, Illinois. Once a year for the past two decades, this small town in Western Illinois with less than 3500 residents becomes inundated with artists, musicians, and fans from across the globe who make a pilgrimage to experience an event unlike any other.