Every Man Ministries & Kenny Luck Announce New Quick Start Programs for Men’s Ministries

ake Forest, CA – Every Man Ministries and Kenny Luck have launched a Sleeping Giant Quick Start program allowing churches and ministries to tap into state of the art streaming technology to immediately activate vibrant men’s ministry. Centered around supporting the vision of the local church, the SLEEPING GIANT TOTAL SOLUTION uses the definitive EveryManMinistries.com website to offer continuous strategy, video sessions, networking and engagement. The Quick Start program can be viewed here: https://www.EveryManMinistries.com/QuickStart.

After over a decade of research and work with ministries around the globe, Every Man Ministries, founded by best-selling author and Men’s expert Kenny Luck, developed the Sleeping Giant Total Solution. This proven strategy uses innovative technology, and cost efficient delivery creating better results that are attracting churches who are focused on moving their men from the Crowd to the Core of their church leadership. Churches are now able to afford big name men’s speakers weekly, see a connected strategy, and realize leadership development.

Kenny Luck & Every Man Ministries Unveil Sleeping Giant: The Process and Solution that Returns Men to Their Rightful Place in Church & Culture

Has the church orphaned its own men to outside culture? Based on their behaviors, the unequivocal answer to that question is a resounding “yes” with few exceptions. Men are the most under-reached audience within our churches, with millions affiliated, but not activated. When men are aligned with culture: the church, women and children suffer. When men are aligned with God: the church, women and children thrive. SLEEPING GIANT is the total solution and process that equips pastors and leaders to empower the men of the church to align with the senior pastor’s vision, transforming not only individual churches, but the surrounding culture as well.

Sleeping Giant is the BLUEPRINT for churches to move men from the audience to the army. The book, DVD resources kit, and up to 52 weeks of curriculum are the master work from pastor and practitioner Kenny Luck, Men’s Pastor at Saddleback Church and Founder of Every Man Ministries, along with Tom Crick, Director of Small Group Health at Saddleback Church.

Most men’s curriculum and programming helps the men, but not the pastor. What distinguishes the Sleeping Giant system is that it is PASTORcentric. As both pastors and the men they lead engage in this process, they are brought together, linked by a Kingdom vision and unified under the mission of the church.

What makes the Sleeping Giant process unique is that it was developed and tested by pastors for use by other pastors and their men. This “Crowd to Core” strategy was developed inside the church, not as an outside, para-church movement. The Sleeping Giant system is an easily adopted, complete, time-tested solution.