Social Media Tip: PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY ON LINKEDIN with their new security tools:

  Do you read the full Terms and Service agreements? Most people click “agree” as quickly as possible to these updates without glancing through the changes buried in their legal jargon.   LinkedIn has introduced three new tools to help you protect your privacy and security and we are here to help you understand what is new and how to update your settings. Here is FrontGate’s report on the key things you can do now to protect your privacy on LinkedIn…

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Marketing Tip: Growing Your Company Page on LinkedIn

Once you’ve set up your company page on LinkedIn (you can read more about how to do this here), you can do more than just be a stagnant presence on the social network. Instead, you can proactively take steps to make sure you, and your company, get noticed and get your customers engaged. Here’s how to expand your reach and use LinkedIn Company Pages for all it’s worth (it’s easier than it sounds, we promise!):

Marketing Tip: Beginning Your Company Page on LinkedIn

While LinkedIn is useful for individuals to help launch their personal resumes and experience (you can read our top tips for LinkedIn newbies here!), it is also an extremely efficient tool for Christian non-profit organizations, businesses, and brands. By building a personal page as well as a business page, you can double your reach. If you’re a faith-based brand, here’s how to get started!

Top 3 LinkedIn Tips for Beginners

This has probably happened to you recently…an onslaught of emails that say someone “added you as a connection on LinkedIn”, or they keep “inviting” you to join their network. The only problem is…you aren’t sure what that that means. Why should you use LinkedIn? What do you gain from adding or including people in your network? We’re here to help you navigate this professional social network, and show you how it can help you leverage yourself and your brand.

Social Media: Is It Relevant To OUR Audience?

We were recently at a business meeting with 35-40 senior business leaders and were asked some questions by a couple of attendees regarding the relevance of social media to their businesses leader and ministry members. “Is social media marketing relevant to our audience? What about our age audience?”

When we do presentations on Social Media around the country, we still find people who don’t understand the business value of social media involvement. As social networks become even more ingrained into the fabric of society and culture, nearly every faith-based business or ministry can find relevancy in maintaining an active social media presence.

FrontGate Media’s Offer of the Week – Social Media Service

FrontGate Media’s Offer of the Week is our Social Media Service.

We are expanding our Social Media team again, so we immediately have more capacity available, which means YOU GET A BONUS if you get involved now.

Let us take over your social media strategy and execution. We’ll create success for you as we grow your friend and follower base with real people, AND improve your engagement with our proven social media strategies.

Social Media: Where Do I Start?

Social Media continues to be a hot topic with lots of questions from the audience as I teach on marketing at events like the Christian Musician Summit and Christian Leadership Alliance.

I’ve been involved in social media since the very early days in 2007 when I brought one of the first Christian social media sites into our FrontGate Media group. We have served as Social Media agents for the Barnabas Group, Barbour Publishing, GMC, Kenny Luck at Every Man Ministries/Saddleback Church, the Christian Comic Arts Society and others.

I look at Social Media like establishing an embassy in a foreign country. By setting up shop inside one or more of the social media worlds, you are able to reach out to the local inhabitants, start to learn their culture, and establish relationships.