Crowdfunding Tips – FaithLauncher for Christian Crowdfunding

These days, it seems like every group or new project is using some sort of crowdfunding site. When raising funds for faith-based project, you are faced with navigating the hordes of sites for one that meets your standards for integrity and honesty.

FaithLauncher. unlike similar sites such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo, eliminates the kind of questionable content found on other mainstream sites, and also allows the fundraising group to keep the funds raised even if they don’t meet their entire goal.

FaithLauncher Joins FrontGate Web Network for Exclusive Representation of Crowdfunding Projects & Promotions

FaithLauncher Joins FrontGate Web Network for Exclusive Representation of Crowdfunding Projects & Promotions “Crowdfunding isn’t a new way of investing, but how we see ourselves as participants and investors in companies. This year alone (2012), an estimated $3.2 billion dollars is expected to be raised through donation-based crowdfunding platforms.” – Forbes Orange County, CA,– FrontGate, the leading faith-based, culture-engaged, media & marketing group, announced the addition of the new FaithLauncher crowdfunding community to their growing web network roster. FaithLauncher is…

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DEEP FRIED MANNA Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund New App for Smartphones and Tablets

Los Angeles, CA –After experiencing the need firsthand for quality Christian apps directed at inspiring and entertaining kids, Emmy Award Winning Creative Director Jeff Matsuda and technology industry veteran Mike Su have launched a Kickstarter Campaign to fund DEEP FRIED MANNA. As the name implies, Deep Fried Manna seeks to create innovative and fun apps that teach Biblical values by using games and stories.

Matsuda, who won an Emmy for his work as Producer and Creative Director of The Batman cartoon series, realized the need for products like this right in his own home. “We as parents realized that when given a choice, our kids were increasingly choosing their iPads over traditional TV,” explains Matsuda, the 42-year-old father of three, “yet there were so few apps out there that taught them about God.”

While taking the idea to Silicon Valley technology investors seemed inviting, the business realized that they needed to reach out to others who share the same values. “Crowd sourced funding seemed to make more sense,” explains Su, who is also a father of three. “We’re reaching out for funding directly to parents who have been seeking this content since most traditional investors don’t understand the need. This is about making our voices heard, and letting the world know there is a market for quality faith based apps.”