When Being in the Cloud Isn’t Heavenly – Part 2 of 4

The Cloud is certainly hanging over us. Most of the articles I read, talk about the Cloud’s amazing silver linings. The marketplace is certainly doing its best to sing the praises of the tremendous benefits that rain from the Cloud. There certainly are benefits. I also see lots of reasons to bring along my umbrella. Sometimes the rain just leaves you soggy and smelly. Just ask your dog.

When is being in the cloud not so heavenly? The second of a four part series…

Marketing: Intuit Blows It Again With QuickBooks

With a name like Intuit, you might think that the company and their software might be relatively good at being intuitive, or at least would be working very hard to make themselves appear to be intuitive. I say nay nay. As Intuit continues to “improve” their software and services, the company’s latest move once again goes against their customers’ interests.