Bridgeway Academy® Ready To Aid Orphaned Students From Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) Closure

Bridgeway Academy® Ready To Aid Orphaned Students From Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) Closure Bridgeway working closely with ECOT parents to gain the school records necessary for a transfer and to prepare for student’s successful transition back to ECOT should the school regain its good standing in Ohio.   CATASAUQUA, PA.– Bridgeway Academy®, which pioneered personalized learning in homeschools and schools across the U.S. and around the world, today announced it is ready to accept students seeking an alternative to…

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Bridgeway Academy Student and 2012 US Olympic Alternate in Gymnastics Elizabeth Price Signs Letter of Intent to Attend Stanford University

Bridgeway Academy Senior Elizabeth “Ebee” Price recently signed a letter of intent, accepting a full ride scholarship to study at Stanford University and locking in a position on the Cardinal’s gymnastics team.
Price, a 2012 US Olympic alternate, has been a fierce competitor not only in sports but in her education as well. With a rigorous training schedule that spans 40+ hours over six days each week, Ebee needed the flexibility of homeschooling. With Bridgeway Academy’s flexible schedule and top accreditation, Ebee thrived, meeting her equally challenging educational goals that would match her thirst for math science, as she aspires to become a biomedical engineer.

Bridgeway Academy Offers Mid-Semester Assistance for Students of All Ages

Across the nation, parents are experiencing a November education tradition – parent teacher conferences. This year, in the wake of implementation of Common Core State Standards and the subsequent testing, parents may find their children struggling in new ways and themselves unable to help them. Other parents with gifted learners may see that their children are desiring more challenges than are now offered. Many parents don’t realize that they have a choice in their child’s education and can take back control. Bridgeway Academy, an accredited homeschool academy, has the tools and experience to help families navigate these new educational waters.

BRIDGEWAY ACADEMY Creates Series of Homeschooling Videos for

Bridgeway Academy and have created a series of nine informative videos to address frequently asked questions about homeschooling.
The easy-to-follow videos address frequently asked questions and common concerns of parents who homeschool, or who are considering homeschooling, including how to create art and science centers at home, how to establish friendships outside of the home, how to integrate athletic activities to your homeschooling routine, how to set up a homeschooling support group and how to homeschool children of different ages.

The videos can be viewed here: