CORNERSTONE FESTIVAL and FRONTGATE MEDIA Sponsor Impressive Gear Giveaway for Musicians

CORNERSTONE FESTIVAL and FRONTGATE MEDIA are joining forces to create an impressive gear giveaway for lucky festival attendees. This contest is perfectly matched, as Cornerstone is the one Christian festival that can boast the title of having the largest musician attendance in the world. Known for its edgy environment and creative fan base, Cornerstone is the festival where every band dreams of performing.

JESUS RALLY at CORNERSTONE FESTIVAL Reunites Groundbreaking Artists

CORNERSTONE FESTIVAL continues to be a truly unique Christian Festival. Not only in that their focus includes seminars, art, sports, film and discussion, but in their commitment to bring together all ages and genres of music. This year continues that tradition with an unprecedented JESUS RALLY, with artists more common to the genre in the 70s and 80s. As the festival itself was groundbreaking in bringing a voice to some of the more creative and fringe artists in the genre, for 2011 Cornerstone decided to bring a new audience to the artists of the Jesus Music Movement that made the genre possible.