Story Is Still Everything, and Lucas and Spielberg Are Also Right

I just read an article in Variety about a panel hosted by the USC School of Cinematic Arts. It’s a must read based for those of us working in faith-based entertainment, and in Christian ministry or for-profit communication.
This isn’t just about faith-friendly or faith-based entertainment. The summary concept at the end really applies to everything we do to communicate, from the content we create into products or outreaches, right down to the promotions and ads we create to draw people to them.

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Variety and Rogers & Cowan Hit Home Run with Family and Faith-based Entertainment Summit

Family Entertainment & Faith-Based SummitLast week, Variety and Rogers & Cowan completed their first Family Entertainment and Faith-based Summit for the industry. It was a home run: way out of the park.

In fact, we may all look back on this event as the catalytic fork in the road for the next period of growth between the entertainment industry and the Christian community. I tip my hat to Leslie and Kirstin and the rest of the Rogers & Cowan and Variety teams, respectively.