FrontGate Media’s Offer of the Week – The Washington Times

FrontGate Media is the largest source of conservatives in the faith-based market.

Not only are we the exclusive faith-based market representation for The Washington Times, one of the Top 20 newspaper web sites in the country, but also for Human Events, Red State and other conservative media outlets.

Our conservative, Christian audiences via these outlets represent outstanding opportunity for you to connect to high net worth, passionately active consumers who are interested in faith-based and faith-friendly causes, products, and services.

What’s Working In Advertising: August 2011

This “top picks” summary features what is working in advertising, and is an excellent resource developed by the Human Events team, part of the FrontGate Media Group family.
As is discussed at length in the second article below, digital advertising is here to stay. Even in a down economy, online advertising provides a respite for organizations with limited budgets, allowing you to get the biggest possible return on your ad investment. In this issue, you’ll find specific tips on increasing the effectiveness of your display ads, and some new perspectives on Facebook and the wide array of companies that can take advantage of its reach.

Newt Gingrich Kicks Off Presidential Run: An Unprecedented Faith-Based Advertising Opportunity

Last Wednesday, Newt Gingrich made his much-anticipated announcement that he will seek the Republican nomination for President. Beyond its political implications, Gingrich’s announcement presents an unprecedented opportunity for faith-based advertisers, or really any advertisers, looking to sponsor the Newt Gingrich Letter. This free e-letter is published ONLY Human Events, which is part of our FrontGate Media group. It is sent to hundreds of thousands of Newt’s loyal followers. With the highly increased level of media attention and visibility he will now receive, the Newt Gingrich Letter will surely be drawing even more engaged faith-based conservatives as they keep up with the candidates. Sponsorship of the Newt Gingrich Letter is the ONLY opportunity available to advertisers in the faith-based & conservative marketplaces in which you can directly align your brand and message with a presidential candidate.