Christian Comic Arts Society Welcomes 1000th Member

The Christian Comic Arts Society (CCAS) is excited to welcome Jay Johnson, the group’s 1000th member. In celebration of CCAS’ achievement of this milestone, Johnson will receive a signed, limited edition print signed from the award-winning, best-selling Action Bible by Sergio Cariello and courtesy of publisher David C Cook. Johnson is a fan of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Grant Morrison, Jae Lee, Greg Rucka, and Brian Michael Bendis.

JESUS Film in Animé Goes Viral

As a Board member for the Christian Comic Arts Society, I am SUPER excited to share this with you! My friends over at Campus Crusade just completed a monumental project. They’ve taken history’s most-translated film, JESUS, and done a very innovative new translation. Instead of being in a different language, this new short film uses tells the story of Jesus in Japanese animé! The short film is called My Last Day and will premiere online worldwide today. It is the first professionally produced Christian movie ever done in animé. Seven years in the making, the nine-minute movie frames the story of the crucifixion through the eyes of the thief crucified next to Jesus of Nazareth.