FrontGate seeks Sales & Marketing Administrator

Sales & Marketing Administrator FrontGate Media is seeking the addition of a skilled Sales and Marketing Admin who has produced exceptional results in past positions. This is a full time position working in the FrontGate offices in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. Compensation commensurate with work experience. ABOUT FRONTGATE MEDIA Located in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, FrontGate Media is a small, profitable, and growing company. Our goal is to grow 25% per year for the next 5 years.  To accomplish this ambitious…

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Walt Disney World Night of Joy 2015 Webcast

Music is a powerful way to create an association between a brand and an audience.   Nielsen’s research reaffirms this potential. According to its Music 360 report, 76% of festivalgoers say they feel more favorable toward brands that sponsor a tour or concert.  Approximately 74% of music streamers lean toward brands that engage them through music giveaways, sweepstakes, and sponsorships. Brand sponsorships for music festivals, tours, and venues totaled 1.3 billion dollars in 2014 and are projected to increase over…

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Creation Festival 4 Day Webcast – Special Sponsorship Pricing

The Creation Festival Webcast just gave us special pricing for their Webcast on June 24-27. The online viewership audience is projected to be 100,000+ over the course of the four-day webcast. There is HUGE exposure driving this webcast event. In addition to Creation Festival’s internal promotion to their hundreds of thousands of subscribers and past attendees, the Assemblies of God denomination is a major 2015 festival partner and is promoting the stream to their 300,000+ churches worldwide. VIEW THE CREATION…

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FrontGate’s New Hires Expand Firm’s Unique Ability to Engage & Deliver the Faith-based Audience

FrontGate’s New Hires Expand Firm’s Unique Ability to Engage & Deliver the Faith-based Audience Serving as “Your Gateway to the Christian Audience,” Award-Winning FrontGate Media is the largest Internet and Events Group & Marketing Service delivering the faith and family audience Orange County, CA – FrontGate Media, the leading faith-based, culture-engaged media group & marketing service, is happy to announce staff expansions, including the hiring of Mike Hatcher as Engagement Team Manager, Katie Nguyen as Social Marketing Manager and Julia…

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Case Study: The Freedom Kids Pinterest Campaign

The Freedom Kids is a faith-based, transformational institution, promoting freedom, liberty, morals and ethics through enlightenment and entertainment.  They focus on core values, seeking to evoke the principles of individualism, Judeo-Christian values, and the ideas embraced during the American Founding. The Freedom Kids is an organization that seeks to educate, enlighten, and empower children in the battle for their future. “The Freedom Kids envisions a time when we as citizens of the United States of America can learn our true history….

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The Daily Beast features FrontGate Media Founder Scott A. Shuford

Keli Goff, Columnist for The Daily Beast, interviewed FrontGate Founder Scott A. Shuford for her article about Hollywood and the Christian audience.  The story, titled “Why Christians Now Rule Hollywood,” features commentary about the opening weekend for Noah, and the ongoing success of God’s Not Dead, noting that this is the record breaking first time that two Christian themed films have appeared in the top box office slots at the same time.  The Daily Beast is ranked as the #239…

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Do you agree with Variety’s column? Are Faith-Based Audiences More Important Than Hollywood Admits?

Now that A+E Network’s Duck Dynasty/Phil Robertson clash has largely passed, I found Variety’s article by Larry Poland to be an excellent analysis of the gap between the Hollywood industry and the faith-based market, though I might have worded a few things differently. In my opinion, I don’t think that the core execs in the industry have invested the same effort into understanding the faith-based, Christian market as they have for other core values that define markets based on gender,…

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FrontGate Media’s Offer of the Month – iTickets Direct Email

FrontGate Media’s Offer of the Week is our iTickets Direct Email Database of 400,000+ double opt-in subscribers.

iTickets is an essential e-media resource for reaching the faith-based community. Publishers, music labels, non-profits, event marketers, film studios, Christian artists and virtually every type of ministry count on iTickets to market their services and products. is the largest and most used Christian web site for information on everything from conferences and concerts to local church meetings. iTickets is #1 in site traffic for information about events, and #1 in ticket sales for events, but the majority of FrontGate’s direct email database clients are NOT promoting events! They are publishers, film studios, services and ministries.

FrontGate Media’s Offer of the Week – Social Media Service

FrontGate Media’s Offer of the Week is our Social Media Service.

We are expanding our Social Media team again, so we immediately have more capacity available, which means YOU GET A BONUS if you get involved now.

Let us take over your social media strategy and execution. We’ll create success for you as we grow your friend and follower base with real people, AND improve your engagement with our proven social media strategies.

FrontGate Media’s Offer of the Week – Project Inspired

“Project Inspired’s goal is to educate and inform young girls about everything they’re facing in the media.” Fox News Insider

“Project Inspired gives teen girls another option. It’s a way for Weider to tell them that they don’t need to abuse their bodies, dress more provocatively and behave immorally just because that’s what society promotes.” The Christian Post

Nicole Weider, the founder of Project Inspired, is a businesswoman, activist and Christian mentor. She left her hometown of Salem, Oregon as a teenager to pursue a career in modeling and acting in Hollywood. As a successful model, Nicole experienced firsthand just how dangerous the glitz and the glamour can be. Disenchanted with the star lifestyle, Nicole looked to God to help her through a very dark period in her life.

Rapzilla Joins FrontGate Media for Exclusive Representation of Advertising and Promotions

Orange County, CA – FrontGate Media; the leading culture-engaged, faith-based media & marketing group, announced today the addition of Rapzilla to their growing media group roster.

Founded by Phillip Rood in 2003, Rapzilla was simply created to meet a need. The Urban music and culture community was being underserved, and so Rapzilla was born, and quickly found an audience hungry for quality content that covered all dimensions of Urban Christian entertainment.

Social Media In Action: Every Man Ministries

Over the last two columns, we have addressed where you should start and what you should share. Now let’s take a look at a real world case study.

Every Man Ministries (EMM) was founded in 2000 by Kenny Luck, men’s pastor at Saddleback Church. They have a “simple” goal: to revolutionize men’s ministry, free men spiritually, and ignite spiritual health worldwide.

With a passion to reach, relate to, and re-ignite men to become God’s men living out God’s purposes, Every Man Ministries engaged us here at FrontGate Media to bolster social media engagement.

FrontGate Media’s Offer of the Week –

Our Christian media Offer of the Week for this week is I spent a few days working on the media kit for our newest media group member, so that’s your treat for this week, even before we officially announce them!

What excites me about is their cross market appeal. Rapzilla is one of the best places to reach a cross-ethnic Christian community of the caucasian, african-american and latino parts of the church body.

VIDEOBAR – iTickets Will Feature Your Video or Commercial

Our TweetDeal of the Week for the week of February 5, 2012 is our exclusive Videobar® – playing your commerical spot, music video, book trailer, film trailer, cause promo or any other video DIRECTLY inside our 728×90 banner.

With this innovative new technology, when site visitors move their mouse over your video in the banner, it will increase in size and being to play the visual and audio immediately right there. This has proven to be create much higher engagement with consumers.

Clicks Are Just a Part of the Picture

I just reread an article from the Center for Media Research that ties in well with and expands on my previous blog on What should your advertising do? Media giants MediaMind and comScore have already reported that the advertising industry-wide decline in clickthrough rates appears to have plateaued, and that this all-important clickthrough metric illustrates only a small part of the overall return on the ad. In fact, comScore found that only 20% of conversions took place directly after clicking on an ad. The other 80% of conversions were post-impression conversions, results of the branding and awareness that were created by the ad.