Ready to Launch Your Christian App?

Perhaps you have a dozen app ideas floating around in your head, or perhaps you have just one. Maybe your company or ministry is prepping an app for release right now, or maybe you’ve never even thought about the concept. No matter where you are in the process, apps are here to stay, and a successful launch is the key to making your mark in the sea of available apps. Creating your app Entrepreneur says the four steps to creating a…

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DEEP FRIED MANNA Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund New App for Smartphones and Tablets

Los Angeles, CA –After experiencing the need firsthand for quality Christian apps directed at inspiring and entertaining kids, Emmy Award Winning Creative Director Jeff Matsuda and technology industry veteran Mike Su have launched a Kickstarter Campaign to fund DEEP FRIED MANNA. As the name implies, Deep Fried Manna seeks to create innovative and fun apps that teach Biblical values by using games and stories.

Matsuda, who won an Emmy for his work as Producer and Creative Director of The Batman cartoon series, realized the need for products like this right in his own home. “We as parents realized that when given a choice, our kids were increasingly choosing their iPads over traditional TV,” explains Matsuda, the 42-year-old father of three, “yet there were so few apps out there that taught them about God.”

While taking the idea to Silicon Valley technology investors seemed inviting, the business realized that they needed to reach out to others who share the same values. “Crowd sourced funding seemed to make more sense,” explains Su, who is also a father of three. “We’re reaching out for funding directly to parents who have been seeking this content since most traditional investors don’t understand the need. This is about making our voices heard, and letting the world know there is a market for quality faith based apps.”

The JESUS Film Project Partners With the IXIST Tour for Launch of JESUS Film Media App

Nashville, TN – ELITE Talent Agency and Xist Music are honored to announce another partnership for the upcoming 2013 IXIST Tour. The JESUS Film Project and the IXIST Tour will partner in the launch of the JESUS Film Media mobile app.

The JESUS Film Project introduces JESUS Film Media, a free app providing anyone with an Android or iOS device access to the complete library of The JESUS Film Project—some 64,000 video clips in 1,100 languages. With access anywhere, anytime, the JESUS Film Media App allows users to instantly view or share a film clip with anyone. By eliminating barriers like language, literacy, electricity and more, JESUS and additional videos can be shared without hassle. Through the app, users can view the 2-hour original film, JESUS, with 61 teaching segments, in more than 1,100 languages; Magdalena, The Story of Jesus, and My Last Day, all subsequent films about Jesus’ life and death; and clips from the Global Short Film Network library—all readily available to help share the Gospel. The app is available at and through the Apple App iPhone Store and Google Play.

FrontGate Media’s Offer of the Week – Going Mobile Part One

Happy Monday morning to our Christian media marketing and advertising friends! As you know, Monday means Special Offer Announcement, so let’s get right to it…

Business Insider recently released a chart showing the increasing spread of revenue distribution across the app world. The article concluded that “Mobile apps are not a ‘sink or swim’ proposition,” and “The changing revenue distribution of mobile apps reflects the proliferation of the app economy in the past two years, but also a repudiation of the idea that you need to be in the top 25 of the app store to make any money.”

What this means is that ALL apps have a better shot at distribution success over given a long-tail approach, whether they are for profit or free apps., In Partnership with Word Entertainment, Launches New Christian Music App for iPad and iPhone

BOISE, ID – April 2, 2012 – (NRT), the largest Christian music site online, continues to push forward in mobile app development with the announcement of the site’s third application, “NRT Weekly,” designed for Apple’s industry leading mobile iOS platform. The app is available now as a free download through Apple’s iTunes Store and is optimized for the iPad as well as available for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The app was developed in partnership with Word Entertainment—an entertainment company that represents some of the top names and brands in Christian music—and will feature exclusive ads throughout NRT Weekly, highlighting the latest projects and messages from Word Entertainment, as well as various national awareness campaigns throughout the year.

FrontGate Media’s Offer of The Week: HM’s Product Spotlights for Books, Mobile, Musicians, DVDs and Comic Books

Formed in 1985, HM has been called the Rolling Stone of the Christian market, covering Christian themes in music, books, movies and more while living a Christian life in the pop-culture environment.

Our Offer of the Week features the Product Spotlights in HM’s Advertorial Sections which include: