Bible Gateway Interviews: Paul Kent, Greg Gilbert, and Jim Hamilton

Bible Gateway Interviews Paul Kent on The Real Force: A Forty Day Devotional The Force Awakens, the 2015 installment in the Star Wars franchise premiering Dec. 18, promises to excite the longtime enthusiast and enthrall a new generation of admirers. Are there Christian themes found in the epic Star Wars saga? Bible Gateway interviewed Paul Kent about his book, The Real Force: A Forty Day Devotional (Worthy Inspired, 2015). Read this interview. Bible Gateway Interviews Greg Gilbert on Why Trust the Bible? The Bible stands at…

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ICRS Bible Translation & Paraphrase Press Conference

According to CNN Belief Blog, “people are still intensely curious about the Bible, its meaning, and its origins.” In a blog post June 8, CNN religion editor Dan Gilgoff said, “More than any other book in the Western tradition (with the Quran being the lone exception), the Bible still fascinates us. And it still feeds our most heated debates.” Gallop surveys show 92% of Americans believe in God, and 78% believe the Bible is either the actual word of God to be taken literally or believe the Bible to be inspired by the word of God.

Christian Comic Arts Society Welcomes 1000th Member

The Christian Comic Arts Society (CCAS) is excited to welcome Jay Johnson, the group’s 1000th member. In celebration of CCAS’ achievement of this milestone, Johnson will receive a signed, limited edition print signed from the award-winning, best-selling Action Bible by Sergio Cariello and courtesy of publisher David C Cook. Johnson is a fan of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Grant Morrison, Jae Lee, Greg Rucka, and Brian Michael Bendis.