How Do We Beat Cancer? New Book “Healed, Healthy & Whole” Offers Hope From A Personal Journey

HOW DO WE BEAT CANCER?  New Book “Healed, Healthy & Whole” Offers Hope From A Personal Journey: Physically, Emotionally And Spiritually ‐ With Integrative Therapies, Non‐Toxic Treatments, And Spiritual Insights (Los Angeles. CA) -June 25, 2014 – Marion M. Pyle, and her husband Russell, were a fast-paced California couple immersed in individual creative careers and pursuit of their happy marriage when a deadly diagnosis of cancer shattered their world. In her newly released book, Healed, Healthy & Whole, (How We Beat Cancer With Integrative…

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Upcoming deadline for submitting Gold Platinum Diamond Sales Award applications

Upcoming deadline for submitting Gold Platinum Diamond Sales Award applications Christian titles that have reached sales milestones of 500,000, 1 million or 10 million are eligible for the industry’s highest honor of a Gold, Platinum or Diamond Award. The year’s milestones will be celebrated and recognized among industry leadership at the ECPA Awards & Anniversary Banquet on April 28 in Colorado Springs at Focus on the Family. To be included in the upcoming media presentation at the event, applications must be turned…

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FrontGate Media’s Offer of the Month – IXIST TOUR

FrontGate Media’s Offer of the Month for NOVEMBER 2012 is our IXIST TOUR.

Coming in Winter 2013, the IXIST TOUR will kick off in late February, routing across the U.S. through March and then on to Africa, where the tour will travel to six countries.

IXIST is more than a concert tour. It is a ministry campaign dedicated to helping people share their testimony. Each night, one local market testimonial will be chosen and posted from an ongoing international YouTube campaign, created to inspire others to share their story and consider the work that God is doing through their lives.
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Rapzilla Joins FrontGate Media for Exclusive Representation of Advertising and Promotions

Orange County, CA – FrontGate Media; the leading culture-engaged, faith-based media & marketing group, announced today the addition of Rapzilla to their growing media group roster.

Founded by Phillip Rood in 2003, Rapzilla was simply created to meet a need. The Urban music and culture community was being underserved, and so Rapzilla was born, and quickly found an audience hungry for quality content that covered all dimensions of Urban Christian entertainment.