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Suzanne Stabile embarks on a multi-city Enneagram book tour in 2022

Westmont, IL—Internationally recognized Enneagram master teacher Suzanne Stabile will be offering workshops across ten different cities in the United States in 2022. The tour coincides with the November 2 launch of her new book, The Journey Toward Wholeness: Enneagram Wisdom for Stress, Balance, and Transformation.

The in-person, multi-city tour is primarily focused in the southern and eastern regions of the country, areas where Stabile has been intentional about building relationships with churches and people who have become Enneagram enthusiasts. The tour stops consist of a of a ticketed event on Friday to witness a live recording of Suzanne’s podcast at a local venue followed by an all-day intensive workshop at a local church. The cities include

  • Richmond, VA—January 7–8, 2022
  • Birmingham, AL—February 4–5, 2022
  • Houston, TX—March 4–5, 2022
  • Austin, TX—April 8–9, 2022
  • Portland, OR—May 6–7, 2022
  • Dallas, TX—June 3–4, 2022
  • Denver, CO—July 15–16, 2022
  • Charlotte, NC—September 9–10, 2022
  • San Francisco, CA—October 7–8, 2022
  • Kansas City, MO November 11–12, 2022

Stabile said, “It’s my hope in this tour to celebrate the interest in the Enneagram and to educate those who have not yet been exposed to its depth and its wisdom.”

The depth of the Enneagram is what Stabile’s latest work will offer readers and workshop participants. The book and the tour will engage those already familiar with the Enneagram to dig deeper into the concept of the three Centers of Intelligence: thinking, feeling, and doing. The Journey Toward Wholeness and the in-person events provide what people need to deal with the world’s stressors and achieve lasting transformation. A six-session study guide serves as a companion piece to the book. Both will serve as valuable resources for workshop participants.

Stabile said, “The key is balance. The way to achieve that balance is by understanding Enneagram wisdom around triads, stress, and stances. Balance is achieved in the moments we are able to appropriately use all three centers, thinking, feeling, and doing, each for their intended purpose.”

Teresa McBean, executive director for the National Association for Christian Recovery, who will be hosting the first workshop on the tour in Richmond, Virginia, said, “We are honored to be the first site of Suzanne’s book tour. We have loved hosting Suzanne and her team over the years as she teaches our community about the Enneagram. I’m most excited that our community can celebrate with her, as we believe the Enneagram is an amazing tool for spiritual growth.”

Stabile has taught the Enneagram to thousands of people over the last thirty years, and she currently hosts The Enneagram Journey podcast. Her previous books about the Enneagram, The Path Between Usby Stabile and The Road Back to You, authored by Ian Morgan Cron and coauthored by Suzanne Stabile, have sold over 100,000 and 750,000 copies, respectively, to date.

Adam Dalton, IVP associate director of sales, said, “As events and in-person workshops ramp up, we are seeing many different stores coming to us to support author signings and events for local communities. Because of Suzanne’s strong platform as an Enneagram expert, we have received high receptivity to her book and our team is looking forward to supporting her and these communities in what we expect to be a highly engaging book tour.”

For more information about the book’s official release party in Dallas, Texas, and additional information about the teaching tour, visit Suzanne’s website at

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