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Susan Neal becomes the President for Christian Authors Network beginning May 1, 2022

Pensacola, FL, June 1, 2022The Christian Authors Network (CAN), which serves traditionally published authors, has a new president—Susan Neal RN, MBA, MHS. She is the Director of the Christian Indie Publishing Association and sold over 20,000 copies of her Selah award-winning book, 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbohydrates. In addition, Susan won first place in the 2020 Christian Author Network (CAN) Marketing Award for Outstanding Broadcast Media.

Susan’s enthusiasm, vitality, and ideas will allow CAN to provide outstanding services and resources to traditionally published authors producing Christian books. CAN will get a new online membership platform (which will include reference guides, checklists, discounts on outside resources, courses, and monthly newsletters), and a new website. Susan plans to add new benefits to CAN’s membership program to help Christian authors get their books into the hands of more readers through savvy marketing in a technological world. Susan states, “I am excited to become the new president of Christian Authors Network. Members will receive their current benefits, a new website, and a membership platform with over 100 new author benefits! I like to learn the search engine optimization tricks and platform algorithms of the large tech sites (Amazon, Google, YouTube, etc.) and teach authors how to meet those platforms’ demands. When you do, you sell more books.”

The previous Christian Authors Network president, Angie Breidenbach, who diligently served this vibrant organization for a decade states, “I’m thrilled to see what Susan Neal can do with her skills and leadership. I will become a member of the new CAN, and president emeritus, but I will no longer be the contact. In fact, I will run a publishing house and an international genealogy school for professional genealogist certification at”

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CONTACT: Susan Neal, 850–393–3681,