Nicole Weider’s Petition Seeks FTC Requirement that Cosmo Be Sold Wrapped in Non-Transparent Plastic.

Los Angeles, CA. – VICTORIA HEARST, granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst, has never been afraid to speak out regarding her family’s magazines, both in a positive and negative light.  Unfortunately Cosmopolitan magazine has continued to push the limits on their explicit content, and has recently put an underage Dakota Fanning, followed by Disney Star Selena Gomez, on its February and March 2012 covers.

To help protect the development and innocence of young girls, Miss Hearst has teamed with NICOLE WEIDER, a Christian leader and model who founded Together, they are bravely declaring that Cosmopolitan magazine needs to be responsible for their content by selling their publication exclusively to adults.

“I am the granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst and my father is the late Randolph Hearst,” explains Miss Hearst.  “About 11 years ago, I contacted Frank Bennack and the Board of the Hearst Corporation and told them that what they are publishing in Cosmopolitan magazine was pornographic. I had the support of two female psychologists and counselors who attest that this content hurts young girls. Like Nicole, I also asked that the magazine be sold only to adults 18 and older.

“I never received a reply from anyone at the Hearst Corporation, but I had peace because I delivered the message.  When I heard about Nicole’s campaign, I knew I needed to join in her mission to put Cosmopolitan in a bag and make sure that its pornographic content cannot be sold to minors!”

“Victoria’s advice and wisdom has been much an encouragement,” explains Weider.  “Parents, teachers, and church leaders need to know just how damaging the content of Cosmopolitan magazine is to the development of young girls.  I couldn’t be happier to have Victoria by our side in this battle.”

Weider’s campaign demands that Cosmopolitan be sold in a non-transparent wrapper to adults only to prevent children from buying and reading material inappropriate for their development. The petition already has received much attention in the media and in social circles, and currently has over 33,000 signatures.  The petition can be viewed at

“We are not asking Cosmopolitan to change their content,” explains Weider.  “We simply want them to take responsibility for it. They say it’s for adults, so let them sell it only to adults. This is what we are in communication with the FTC about. If they are going to print sexually explicit articles and images, it should not be marketed and sold to kids. It’s that simple.”

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