Students with Learning Disabilities and their Parents Find Hope
Homeschool Leader Provides Programs and Support for Parents
Seeking Education Alternatives for Learning Disabled and Special Needs Children.

Florida Parents Can Now Apply Gardiner Scholarship Funds
to Bridgeway Curriculum.

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-5-39-04-pmCatasauqua, PA – Parenting and educating a child with a learning disability is often a struggle, where even simple tasks can become difficult or discouraging.  BRIDGEWAY ACADEMY, a leader in homeschooling education, is committed to taking the fear out of homeschooling children with learning disabilities.  With customized programs, expert advisors, the HOPE Program and partnership with the Essential Learning Institute, Bridgeway has become the solution for parents seeking options in education.

Bridgeway’s HOPE program uses computer generated sensory integration therapy to retrain a child’s brain and help them overcome learning struggles in the comfort of their home. That therapy, combined with the ability to build on a child’s unique strengths, leads students to experience academic success and regain a love of learning.

With the increasing prevalence of students with special needs and learning disabilities, schools and teachers are often overwhelmed and underprepared.  As a result, these students often fall even farther behind. In today’s education world…

  • 5% of the total public school enrollment (2.4 million American public school students) are identified with learning disabilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
  • Two-thirds of these students identified with learning disabilities are male.
  • Black and Hispanic students are overrepresented in many states while white and Asian students are underrepresented.

Students with Learning Disabilities (LD) face incredible obstacles in traditional education systems and the results are dismal:

  • Only 12-26% of high school students with LD receive average or above average scores in math and reading.
  • 33% of kids with LD have been held back a grade, 50% were suspended or expelled from school in 2011.
  • High school students with LD have a higher dropout rate than other kids.
  • 66% believe that kids with LD are bullied more than their classmates.
  • 37% of parents say their child’s school doesn’t effectively test for LD
  • 96% of parents believe that, with proper teaching, kids can make up for LD

Parents claim that homeschooling allows them to provide their special needs children with a superior education, including one-on-one support, individualized instruction, and selection of curricular materials that fit their children’s abilities and interests. Parents also report that homeschooling helps reduce behavior and motivation problems.  It is now estimated that over 200,000 homeschool students have a learning disability, and 24% are also enrolled on a part-time basis in public or non-public school settings.

Bridgeway Academy understands a student’s individual needs and learning styles.  Their fully accredited program creates customized curriculum packages and offers professional therapy through the Essential Learning Institute.

“I think the best part of homeschool is that we can go at her speed,” explains Holly Crawford, parent of a Dyslexic student. I don’t change the curriculum. She has the same subjects as everyone else, just broken into smaller increments. This is the gift of homeschooling.”

To help parents understand their options and give encouragement, Bridgeway has created the “6 Rules for Homeschooling Your Child with Learning Disabilities” white paper, available free through this link:

All states permit home schooling of students with disabilities, with each having different restrictions and provisions. To learn your state’s homeschooling requirements, please see:

Families in Florida can now also use Gardiner Scholarship funds for Bridgeway’s Customized program, individually tailoring each child’s education according to their needs and abilities. Florida parents can see if they quality for the program by clicking here:

“I am thrilled that the Gardiner Scholarship committee recognizes what a powerful option Bridgeway’s Customized homeschool program is for struggling learners, because we tailor the curriculum to what works for each child,” explained Jessica Parnell, CEO of Bridgeway Academy. “Then, we provide one-to-one teaching resources that walk parents through how to deliver that instruction in a way that encourages success and a love for learning.”

About Bridgeway Academy:

Since 1989, Bridgeway Homeschool Academy ( has been meeting the market demand for freedom in education. Through a holistic approach to homeschooling that includes placement and learning style assessments, customized curriculum, parental support, college preparation and more, Bridgeway’s homeschool programs exceed state and national accreditation standards. Since their inception, over 25,000 students have achieved academic success through custom designed learning plans based on each child’s unique strengths, goals, interests and learning style. Boasting a rate of 80% of students attending college post-graduation, Bridgeway is a proven, highly customized alternative to traditional public and private education. Bridgeway Academy: Love Learning with Us.