the-auction-placeOrange County, CA.- The Auction Place’s is the online gateway for those wanting to own a piece of history, movie memorabilia or find a hidden treasure online. Their upcoming Sci-Fi auction is an absolute must for fans and movie buffs, featuring several one of a kind pieces and other memorabilia from the original Star Wars movie and Star Trek TOS and more as part of a special auction on January 9, 2016 at 3:00pm Pacific Standard Time.  This large collection of memorabilia features extremely rare items including…

r2-d2-2R2-D2 One of Kind
The rarest and most desirable of all Star Wars memorabilia has always been production material tied to the main cast of the original three films. One of the cornerstone pieces of this auction is just such a piece of production artwork: a one of a kind model sheet for the intrepid droid, R2-D2. This model sheet was used in the short-lived “Droids” animated series. The sheet is hand drawn, and depicts R2 in a number of Western-themed Cowboy and Indian costumes intended for use in an episode. This is a very unique and highly entertaining piece of design work from Star Wars early history, completely one of a kind.

kirkandkhan2Kirk and Khan
A very rare, limited edition plaque, signed by both William Shatner as Captain Kirk, and Ricardo Montalban as Khan. Excellent signatures in their own right, it is exceedingly rare to find these two actor’s autographs together on one piece. These autographs are signed on a beautiful color photo screen capture from the famous Original Series TV episode “Space Seed,” to which the legendary “Wrath of Khan” was a sequel. That movie, largely due to Montalban’s performance opposite Shatner, rocketed the Star Trek franchise back to life.  Montalban’s Khan has since become the most famous villain of Star Trek history – appropriate for the nemesis of its most famous Captain.


Stormtrooper Helmet
This replica of a Stormtrooper helmet from the original Star Wars films bares the signatures of an astounding number of actors who played the Empire’s infamous soldiers. This may be the most complete set of Stormtrooper signatures ever offered for auction, and they’re on a full sized helmet to boot. A helmet with this many signatures… is simply unheard of. The legwork, time, and money involved in getting a helmet, tracking down the actors, attending the shows, and paying for the autographs would be astronomical.

startrekTOS2The Original Enterprise Crew
A must-have piece for any Star Trek collector, and indeed the ultimate crown jewel for many, this framed display of the Original Enterprise Crew is signed by ALL SEVEN of the principle cast. Certified, licensed, and 100% authentic, this piece is an incredible find. While most of the original cast were known for making themselves available to the fans for autographs over the years, the show will be 50 years old this year, and half of the cast are no longer with us. This is an exceptional centerpiece to any Star Trek collection and is literally impossible to duplicate.

While has expanded the ability to offer online specialty auctions, The Auction Place is one of the best keep secrets in Southern California. Located in Fullerton, right in the center of Orange County, the store itself is over 6,000 sq. ft. of hidden treasures with thousands of Collectables and Memorabilia including Jewelry, Coins, Trains, Hot Wheels, Corgi, Barbie’s, Stamps, Postcards, Movie Posters, Original Art, Disney and Sports Memorabilia plus other incredible treasures. According to Craig Robinett who oversees the family-run business, “We are a toy store for adults.”

The Auction Place is known for their fair and honest evaluations as a one-stop shop for those who desire to sell a collection or just place their unique treasures on consignment. They are a licensed and bonded auction house who purchase estates and provide estate sales. The company provides free appraisals and due diligence to determine the value and authenticity of all items. The site conducts its specialty auctions every Tuesday at 5:30pm PST and Saturday at 3:00pm PST for savvy buyers who are wanting to acquire anything, including a classic car like Carroll Shelby’s personal 1967 Ford Shelby GT500 which recently sold for $170,000.00. For those who love the experience of a live auction, The Auction Place offers live auctions every Saturday at 3:00pm at their facility located at 1160 East Ash Ave. in Fullerton, CA 92831.

To find out more about The Auction Place Inc., visit or contact Craig Robinett at 714- 447-6980.