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Special Opportunity with the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

IBS special offer FrontGate MediaThe Israel Institute of Biblical Studies is offering an exciting set of classes to help people deepen their understanding of the bible. These classes are offered online, one time per week. Participants can choose their classes from an offering of thirty different sessions, which makes it ideal for those with busy schedules! They are also small classes, with up to ten students per class, and led live by professional and certified teachers. Students also have access to a 24/7 live forum and lesson recordings. The program is also approved by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is filled with engaging content and well-constructed lesson plans! Here are some of the high-quality options:

Biblical Hebrew

Biblical Hebrew is a set of 5 courses, levels 1-5, in which students will learn to master the Hebrew alphabet and biblical syntax, and will become familiar with translation  ecisions that have been made over the ages, understanding how they have affected the meaning of the original biblical texts.

Biblical Greek

Biblical Greek is a two-level course through which students will learn to master Greek letters and ancient Greek syntax, and learn how translations over the centuries have changed the true meaning of texts in the New Testament.

Biblical Aramaic

Biblical Aramaic is a course where students will learn to master the Aramaic letters and biblical syntax, and will discover hidden biblical meanings that have been lost over centuries of translation.

What this means for you:

This program offers an unique, revenue-generating, and ministry affirming opportunity with a well-established organization that is moving into the US faith based market. These courses are very popular and very appealing to anyone who is a bible study enthusiast.

IBS is offering a no-cost setup, with grey labelling under your brand. We make it easy for you to promote, with beautiful banners, emails, and promotional materials. This program is so appealing, it will be easy to promote through any number of channels, such as online, on-air, through physical mailers, email marketing, or social media posts. You receive a $150 per student sign-up from your enrollment page.

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