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Sparkhouse Family announces Frolic Baby Bible Studies

Sparkhouse Family is keenly aware of the challenges faced by Christian retail stores these days. As a publisher, we wanted to help stores meet one of their biggest challenges head on – driving retail foot traffic.

So we’ve created Frolic Baby Bible Studies. We’ve created a series of storytime sessions that are built around our Frolic series, totally free for stores to use. It is intended to be a good driver to get traffic in the door, and an easy way for stores to host a meaningful storytime for their communities. It is 100% free for stores to sign up and download all the lessons. We will update it for future Frolic books and let them know when those new sessions are available. There are 19 sessions currently available as well as marketing materials available for download, to help the store promote these events.

Link to sign up:

About the Frolic series:
Frolic books playfully introduce basic faith concepts in a way that’s fun and age appropriate for young children. Frolic is built on the belief that early childhood is a crucial time for human development and a foundational time for faith development. Research has shown that what kids learn about faith during their early years while shape how they understand God, themselves, and the world for the rest of their lives. The series includes a First Bible, a Bible for preschoolers, board books for infants and toddlers, and picture books help young children solve common childhood challenges with biblical solutions. The Frolic series as been endorsed by MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and has won a Mom’s Choice Award for the Frolic First Bible and a 2016 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award for Best Picture Book Series.

Dawn Rundman, the lead developer of Frolic, holds a Ph.D in early childhood development with an emphasis on faith formation. She is available for interviews.

Contact: Rachel Zugschwert, Director of Sales & Marketing, Sparkhouse Family
612-330-3108 |