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Having successfully worked in the social media space since 2007, just one year after Twitter was founded and three years after “The Facebook”, we take a big picture approach to Social Marketing here at FrontGate Media. 

5 Social Strategies that will add to your bottom line… 

Start with your Facebook business or personality page and build the audience to at least 1,000.   You do need to invest some money in ads to build the audience quickly.  An established audience builds trust with potential consumers/donors and with Facebook.  We like to parallel an engagement campaign to ensure at least 30-50% of those people are engaged with your social content.  Then, begin posting content that directs people to your website landing page where you want them to take a specific action.

Knowing the right kind of Facebook ad to run for your objective is key.  Are you building awareness?  Do you want to drive people to clickto a certain location?  Do you want to create a conversion of some type? While it is simple to get started, social ads can become complex.  The amazing targeting tools provided also make it tough to sort through all the options.  There are so many factors from your objective, to the audience, to creative testing and each step can make or break a successful campaign.  Allow yourself to experiment to learn what works best or reach out to an experienced firm like ours to help you navigate a successful ad campaign.

A tracking pixel allows you to monitor who is visiting your site from social media and exactly which ads are driving them there.  You can even retarget people who have visited your site from any advertising source.  Use this micro-tracking information to make wise choices on how to invest your ad dollars to get results.  Pour more budget into the ads that work the best and have the lowest cost. Eliminate the lowest performing ads.  Facebook has information on installing and using a pixel, but it’s not super user-friendly.  This is the right time to bring in your website designer and make sure they know how to set up the pixel for you.

Content is king. In fact, if you put out bad content that people don’t interact with, Facebook will lower your ranking and show your posts to less of your audience.  Ouch!  Good content focuses on building a relationship with your audience by providing what they will find valuable, and then incorporates asks that will move people to the action you want them to take.  Long gone are the “buy now or miss out” campaigns because savvy marketers know that people will just move on to the next deal.  Make sure your content builds a relationship with your target audience and shows that you understand your buyer or donor.

The most important thing for you to understand about social media is that while the majority of purchases and donations are made on your website, Facebook penalizes posts that click to your site…  Facebook’s ultimate goal is to keep the user on Facebook.  What is a marketer supposed to do?  The answer is: GATHER LEADS.  You can effectively and cost-efficiently gather leads using Facebook’s Lead Generation ads, and then market to those people through email automation: a series of pre-planned emails.  And yes, people do still read email!  If you are targeting a younger demographic, you can even collect phone numbers for a text campaign!

With an investment of time and budget, if you embrace your learning curve, you will be able to figure out how to use social media for your benefit!   It’s really a matter of time, experience, and technical expertise.

For those who just don’t have the time, or know they aren’t passionate about social marketing, that’s when it’s a good time to bring in social marketing specialists like FrontGate to help in getting started or to jump you forward in the learning curve for any area above.  

Whether it’s getting your page optimized, creating content, creating and running social ad campaigns, setting up and analyzing tracking data, or gathering leads and getting those leads to take action, FrontGate is here to coach you, or to do it for you.  

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