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We know that you need a partner who understands how to reach and engage the Faith-based audience on various digital platforms.  When you hire FrontGate Media, you are hiring experience.

Faith-based Social Media Management & Advertising


  • Engagement and Conversions
  • Content Marketing
  • Lead Capturing
  • Placement and Testing to Optimize Social Ad Results
  • Social Partnerships/Influencer Marketing


DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS: requires effort in several key areas:

Social Page Management – FrontGate Media has been actively marketing in the social media space since 2007, back when Facebook and Twitter were just starting out.  We have proven faith-based strategies and social marketing plans that are up to date with the ever-changing world of social media.

Social Advertising – Social Advertising gives you control over your audience and objective.  We develop campaigns that have measurable results.

Newsletter & Blog Management – ongoing communications with your following is important.  Our strategies help you maintain relationships and move people to take action.

(…and don’t miss our more specialized programs like our Christian Women’s Blogger Network, our Christian Social Influencer Group, and Social Partnerships through our Digital Media Network brands including GOD TV, The Washington Times, NewReleaseToday, and others.)


The plan options below will establish your business on Social Media through Content Creation, grow your following through Social Ads, gather leads through Social Ads and Digital Premium Offers, generate awareness through Google Ads, and create residual Income through Email Automation. Credit card required for all services.

SOCIAL PAGE MANAGEMENT:                        

Strategy, content development, engagement, execution, and analysis for Facebook and Instagram.  Additional outlets available.
Social Media Marketing

  • 5-7 posts/platform per week. Facebook & Instagram.
  • Art and Copy We develop graphics and copy for all of your social posts.
  • Scheduling and Posting We manage all of the scheduling and posting for you.
  • Content marketing is key. We develop content that will appeal to your target audience which will improve engagement and conversions.
  • Call People to Action with creative campaigns aligned with your target audience and goals we develop and offer strategy ideas for increasing engagement, lead generation, and/or sales.
  • Social Page Analysis We either set up your social pages or examine and review your current set up on your profiles/pages including the description and report to you on recommended changes to make your pages more productive, engaging and better aligned with your brand and objectives.
  • Monthly Results Reporting will equip you to see how efforts are translating to your desired results and provide a block of time to strategize how to build on successes. New campaigns will also be brainstormed in this monthly strategy meeting.


Social AdvertisingSOCIAL AD CAMPAIGN

FrontGate Media will create ads on Facebook and Instagram to promote your brand and collect emails for remarketing.  We do extensive A/B testing on imagery, copy and audience to obtain the lowest cost per result possible.  We will run the following types of ads to help you determine results and where to reinvest. Includes 1 monthly results report via email.

Audience Creation & Targeting – We use tracking pixels and the best 3rd party apps to define, refine and pursue your key target audiences so that your advertising dollars are focused only on the people who are would have interest in your offerings. We are able to use the latest tactics to create audience pools including…

  • Engagement audiences based a wide variety of demographic, interest and affinity targeting attributes.
  • Lookalike audiences to find and reach more people who are extremely similar to your current followers, virtually the same interests as those who are already following you.
  • Retargeting to reach and impact your email subscribers and website visitors to see your messaging and take action in Facebook and Instagram.
  • Direct Sales Ads – promoting specific products for a direct buy.
  • Lead Generation Ads – collecting emails for remarketing purposes.
  • Engagement and Page-Following Ads – increasing your following and engagement to help you prove product interest to buyers and to gain social endorsement through engagement.



Newsletter Content & Strategy

In order to active people, you must have regular communications of new product, announcements, and general engagement pieces for the people on your newsletter.  This keeps them engaged so that you can ask them to give or buy as you release new offers or have sales.

We create your newsletter content plan and calendar then write content with the focus on creating trust for you and your brand and on sales/donations.



A blog is a great way to draw people to your site which will increase sales.

We will create a blog content calendar and write articles with the core focus on increasing SEO, lead generation, and purchases.



Example - Sample Chapter DIGITAL PREMIUMS        

Automation Set-Up includes creating a list in MailChimp (or another platform of your choice, the cost of the platform is your responsibility), and setting up the series of email automations to deliver the premium once people sign up for the list.  We can create a premium for you or simply offer a digital download you have already created.                                                                     


DRIP EMAIL CAMPAIGN                         

Drip email campaigns are a pre-planned series of messages sent to new leads in a series of emails designed to build their awareness of your brand and move them to take action – ultimately a purchase.

We will develop a 5-email drip campaign to nurture your email leads towards a purchase.  This includes:  Writing Copy, Creating Images, Formatting emails in MailChimp (or another platform of your choice but the cost of the platform is your responsibility), and setting up an automation system and timeline.


A variation of the drip email strategy, we will develop a digital product strategy featuring one or more of your content/products and set it up as an email automation or series of automations that you can charge for.  This creates a constant passive income stream that you can continue to market and offer to new email leads. This is a compliment to your core business and expands your offerings.  These email automations work as a funnel to your services.  As people complete the lower-cost email automation and get a taste of your offerings, they are more likely to commit to your higher-priced offerings.




“I started working with FrontGate and immediately our numbers started going through the roof. In just three weeks, our Facebook page grew from 157,000 to over 204,000 (a 30% increase!). Not only does FrontGate deliver results, they’re a pleasure to work with. If you’re not already working with FrontGate, give them a call. They truly care about the work you’re doing, and they work hard to help you reach your goals and have a successful campaign.”

– Jamie Stahler, Director of Strategic Communication, National Day of Prayer Task Force

“FrontGate did an excellent job growing our social audience.  In creating content, they worked to take on our voice, rather than just creating general content.”

– Dick Rolfe, Co-founder, The Dove Foundation

“We searched and searched for an agency that truly understood the Christian market and we were blessed to find FrontGate Media.  They’ve shown a genuine care for helping us grow our business and have introduced us to opportunities that are a perfect fit for our brand.  Our first project was a blogger and social media campaign that garnered over 5 million impressions and through multiple strategic event sponsorships we’ve been able to steadily grow our sales and introduce our products to women who otherwise would never have heard of us.”

– Jamila Danielle, Founder & Chief Encouragement Officer, Loved + Blessed

“We are honored to have FrontGate Media on our team again, this time with social media outreach. They understand our mission at Mighty Oaks while being diligent about the latest social media tools available for our outreach.”

– Chad Robichaux, Founder and President, Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs


A partial list of our Social and Blogger Network clients include Foxspirational, HarperCollins Christian – Tommy Nelson, B&H Publishing, Jesus Film Media, Owlegories, the Dove Channel, Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs, The National Day of Prayer, Open Doors, Capitol Christian Distribution, Force Ministries, The Barnabas Group, InFaith, The Dove Foundation, and more.