When Facebook made the shift from “friend pages” to groups and fan pages, it created some frustration for those who are administrators.  If you are an admin of one of these pages, you know that it’s great to gather and gain new fans, and to share your content with them. However, if you are “liked” by a fan who you would like to remove, there isn’t a way to easily remove them.

In what just may be Facebook’s biggest flaw, they offer no way for page administrators to mass admin their fans and followers.

When does this create a problem?

-When fans likes your page, but then target you with ads or viruses.

-When you are targeted by an anti-faith group or people who are posting inappropriate content on your page, or messaging you through the page.

Not only is having to manage fans one at a time a tedious and time consuming problem, it only gets worse if your faith-based page gets attacked by a group of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of “fans” who aren’t in your target  audience at all, but show up because of a spammer, a coordinated attack, or from Facebook’s “boost post” advertising.

Also if you are primarily reaching a U.S. based audience, what can you do about a mass of fake fans who’ve liked your page from Eastern Europe or other parts of the world?  Right now, almost nothing.  You have to review every fan one by one which is possible at 10 fans, a pain at 100 fans, tedious at 1,000 fans, and aggravating at 10,000 or more fans.

So what to do?  For now, this is the the only tedious option.

When you are looking at your page as an admin, you can easily see the number of likes you have. However, if you have personal friends who “like” your page, it brings them up as the ones shown instead of your entire list of likes. The best way to find ALL your fans is to go to your admin page and click the box that says, “see all”.

Picture 4 You can then click the X to delete a fan and then click “ban permanently” if desired. This a tedious step, and can only delete one fan at a time.  This is a significant source of frustration for many people, as evidenced by multiple questions and forums on Facebook, Yahoo and similar sites.

Facebook needs to get their act together on this problem and give their community a better option for managing and deleting fans right from the comment or posting page, and in mass if needed based on the same criteria they provide reporting on, which would make it much faster and easier for the administrator.