In this age of technology, social media never sleeps. But when you are trying to stay current, and stay engaged, it can end up taking a heavy toll on your personal life, your time, and even in some cases your health.

Here are tips to staying healthy and happy while keeping your brand 100% engaged with your customers.

-Pick a day to unplug…and then really do it. Power down the smartphone (no peeking!), and take a day off. Plan activities with your family, and schedule posts accordingly so there is still fresh content on your pages. You can easily schedule tweets, Facebook, and blog posts.

-Trust your staff/interns, and equip them to do their job. If you have a team of people who help you handle your social media, then help them do their job. Give them the images they need, whether in a Dropbox type service online, or via a folder on a shared computer.  Help them create content calendars, so they can see what’s expected from them. Try to avoid stepping in to “do it yourself”; rather than helping them become self-sufficient. If it’s just you, then reread tip #1 above.

-Trust your numbers, but don’t live your life by them. Don’t stress yourself out over minimal drops in engagement. Check your scores and numbers once a day, and then move on. Continue doing the best work that you can, but trust your instincts and put out great content.

-Increase your engagement by putting out quality content…every single time. Don’t slack off and put out half-hearted copy or posts simply for the sake of putting something up. Consumers can see right through thinly masked effort, and they will stop trusting you. Build trust by putting in your strongest effort so you can work smarter, not harder.

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