Social MediaOver the last two columns, we have addressed where you should start and what you should share.  Now let’s take a look at a real world case study.

Every Man Ministries (EMM) was founded in 2000 by Kenny Luck, men’s pastor at Saddleback Church.  They have a “simple” goal: to revolutionize men’s ministry, free men spiritually, and ignite spiritual health worldwide.

With a passion to reach, relate to, and re-ignite men to become God’s men living out God’s purposes, Every Man Ministries engaged us here at FrontGate Media to bolster social media engagement.

There are two Target Audiences:

1. Man to Man Movement (M2M)
EMM connects men across generations, ethnicities, and socio-economic groups to spiritually impact the world and to fulfill the Great Commandment and Great Commission in this generation. Through its men’s conferences, EMM offers life and leader development pathways to mobilize men to flex their spiritual muscles and empower them to obtain spiritual health.  The challenge with the M2M is in developing and executing a social media campaign that identifies, leverages, and targets the most searched and pressing issues facing men.

2. Church to Church Movement (C2C)
EMM provides a living, breathing church-based model that is fully developed, easily launched, well resourced, accessible, affordable, and serviceable at every level. The challenge with C2C is ensuring the EMM church model is synonymous with intelligent and intentional men’s ministry.

Every Man MinistriesThe Social Media Campaign
We set out to bolster awareness of Every Man Ministries and to find strategic ways to improve search engine rankings, to create new online communities on Facebook and Twitter, and to search out existing communities that tie into Every Man Ministries. We also assisted in created compelling stories that position EMM as a visionary movement in men’s ministry which inspired others to spread the word about the organization.

What did we share?  Our content buckets included things like Kenny Luck the Men’s Expert, EMM Appearances, Documenting the Movement, Pastor Training, Book Excerpts, Videos, and several more, including the Questions bucket I outlined in my previous column.  We focused on the ministry but also on Kenny as a regular guy.

What might the typical buckets look like for you as a Worship Leader?  Scripture that is impacting you right now, church events, weekly set lists, church leadership, problems you’ve overcome (tactfully stated,) favorite songs, song histories, mission/vision/values, your personal passions (family, sports, tech, comic books, whatever)  and more.  Remember to have your Questions bucket!

Highly successful, strategic video solutions delivered via YouTube were at the heart of this particular campaign. After researching the scope and effectiveness of EMM’s social media presence, we developed a targeted plan to provide new channels for content delivery through Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and developed and maintained an integrated core following on each of these channels.

Results are ongoing, but at the time I’m writing this, we have seen:

• Increased Twitter following by more than 900%.

• Increased Facebook following by 690%.

• Uploaded more than 430 practical leadership advice videos to YouTube with a return of more than 41,000 views combined. We scheduled a gradual rollout that will take 2 years to complete.

• Developed and executed over 1550 content updates for Twitter and Facebook.

• Uploaded more than 100 practical leadership advice videos to GodTube with a return of more than 9,800 views combined.

Send me your Social Media questions and I’ll try to answer the most popular topics as we explore this topic together.


Reprinted from Worship Musician magazine. Scott is excited about the new Creator Leadership Network track at this year’s Christian Musician Summits. He has led classes for us at NAMM as well as teaching on marketing to the Christian Leadership Alliance. Featured in Adweek, Scott is the President of FrontGate Media, the #1 culture-engaged media group reaching the Christian audience ( and the largest in reach to Church musicians. He is also the co-founder of Creator Leadership Network: online radio for worship leaders (