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When building a brand from the ground up or re-branding, one of the main goals is recognizability on social media. Achieving this goal is incredibly difficult, but Social Media can help you through focus, cohesion, and streamlining. 

Focus: The dreaded phrase “focus group” elicits a feeling of sheer terror among most marketers these days, but it is one of your most valuable assets. You don’t necessarily need physical people anymore, now that Google Analytics and Facebook offer such comprehensive statistics, but people will always voice the best thoughts. View your focus group as a platform, instead of an obligation. What should you look for in a focus group? Obviously, your focus group should consist of your target demographic. (If you are unsure of your target demographic, your Facebook feed/analytics will tell you who they are!) It could be twenty-somethings for a modern worship site, or book club gals to test out some new novels,  but be sure to find willing, involved participants and utilize their enthusiasm. A strong focus group will consist of seven to eight people and a standardized questionnaire with open-ended questions (We will touch more on how to create a questionnaire in part two).

Cohesion: This is perhaps your biggest asset in the goal of recognizability. Creating and maintaining cohesion will help you raise your brand from anonymous to known. Cohesion begins with  a great logo. If you don’t have a logo, begin your search for a designer whose vision aligns with yours. If you see great companies who are similar to yours, save the images and show them to the designer so they can see what inspires you.  At the start, your logo will most likely be accompanied by text of some sort, so find a clean font that translates well to web as well to as print. Keep in mind that a logo/text duo that shines on Facebook also has to translate onto the micro-avatar on Twitter, so think readable and not too busy. Use that same font in as many print and online materials as you can, such as web copy. This will help your readers associate that font/design with your brand.

Streamline: Branding on social media means that many of your posts will go from Facebook straight to Twitter, or from Instagram to Facebook, etc. Make sure you update all your sites with the correct links, and check them all manually to make sure that nothing happened in the in-between time as the sites are linked together. Don’t entrust precious posts to the mercy of broken links and too-long captions, as these can be perceived as somewhat careless. You want your readers to have access to your content quickly and easily.

Keeping these three keys in mind will make your social media interactions the strongest they can be, and will imprint your brand on the minds and screens of your readers.

In Part 2, we will explain how to use your focus group, and how to create a style guide.

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