Looking to market your Christian book and make a BIG impact with a small budget?  Using Social Media to launch your book is a solid solution.  Did you know there are many ways to promote using social media beyond just posting on social platforms?  Let us put the internet to work for you!



FrontGate Media has been actively marketing in the social media space since 2007, back when Facebook and Twitter were just starting out.  We have proven strategies and social marketing plans that are up to date with the ever-changing world of social media.

As Facebook continues to push the social media world into becoming the social marketing world, we know that you need a partner who understands how to reach the Faith-based audience on various social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and others potential outlets.

Social Media is about engagement not merely information: driving your target audience to create likes and comments, and motivating them to action.  We not only understand this, we embrace it!

All of our plans include an onboarding process that is specific to your organization’s needs.  Whether it’s brand awareness, recruiting volunteers, or selling a product or service, we will develop a custom strategy specific to accomplishing your goals.


Where Do We Start? 

We begin with a process of analysis and visual planning for your social media engagement plan. The purpose of this is to decrease the “bounce” rate on your page.  Bouncing means people click on your page and quickly click off because they don’t find what they need or want.  We design and format your page in such a way that it encourages interaction.

  •  Page Analysis – We look at it all, description, web links, photo albums, banner photo, all the visuals then we look at how it can be more aligned with your brand and objectives.
  • Reformat Page Setup for Optimal Branding and Visitor Engagement – This sets you up so that your page looks engaging and represents you well so that those who come to your page will “like” your page and interact with your posts.


facebook_logoNext:  Build & Engage On Facebook!

Our approach to social media for Authors is a different than the average approach.  We aren’t just here to manage your Facebook page and put up posts about your book launch.  We will do that, but we do so much more!  We understand that social media is not just about big numbers, but about connecting with your target reader.  We see Social Media for what it is.  A wide reaching complex tool with the ability to create book sales.  We use social applications and proven tactics to launch your book to the right demographic audience.   Once we establish that important base of followers for you, we leverage those followers to further promote your book.


We use social applications and strategies to create sales, promote books, and build you an audience:

  •  Manage all of your Facebook posts and follower interaction.
  • Set up social apps on your website/blog to make it easy for your book/site/blog to be shared.
  • Create an Amazon “Friends and Family” Launch leveraging your existing social media circle to build your audience.
  • Execute a “spread the word” social campaign to make it easy for people to share your book.
  • Create and promote a Free Chapter campaign to build your following and engage potential buyers.
  • Research and post to key hashtags appropriate to your target audience.
  • Engage with Facebook Groups to build your following and promote your book.
  • Grow your audience with demographic targeting.
  • Promote your Facebook Page and Book on our own social pages (reaching 160,000+ people).
  • Monthly Reporting will equip you to see how your page is performing.


            Your Book Launch Package                    $1,000/mo, 3 month minimum       

This package requires a 3 month commitment of $1,000/mo, then converts to month-to-month with a 30 day advance notice to end services.


Additional options, please inquire…

  • Help you sell directly on Instagram.
  • Manage your Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest.
  • Assist you with a Facebook landing page that requires an action.
  • Lead generation campaign to build your email newsletter list or Facebook following.
  • Social Advertising Placements – paid social post on targeted social pages from our shared networks.


Ready to sell some books?  We are ready to help!  Contact us via the web or call 949-429-1000.