Ad Campaign

Susan VandePol is the author of Life After Breath and founder of “A Life After Breath Experience – A Widow’s Calling” retreats. The mission of Susan’s ministry is to engage, inspire, educate, and equip God’s widows to step into their calling and encourage others to do the same. After losing her husband–a Los Angeles City Firefighter–Susan became painfully aware of the lack of messages about and for widows. From this place, her Widow’s retreat was born. 

FrontGate Media came alongside Susan to promote “A Life After Breath Experience – A Widow’s Calling” retreat — a special weekend designed to minister to widows. The retreat took place at the end of October 2020. After discussing Susan’s needs and budget, we launched a targeted ad campaign through Facebook and Instagram that generated tangible results for Susan’s event, dramatically increasing registration numbers while completing the campaign with a $3,400 profit above the ad spend!

Campaign Details

The Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaign ran for about a month with the goal of acquiring event registrations. The structure of the campaign was based on Susan’s established budget and desired target audience. FrontGate developed the ad creative and copy, created the ideal target attendee profile, launched the targeted campaign, then measured initial results and refined the campaign through to completion which ended with our results report review with her.

Target Audience

Our ideal attendee was a woman, widowed, between the ages of 25-85 who resided in or around the state of Michigan within a reasonable driving distance of the retreat location, who could likely afford the cost of the 3-day, 2-night in-person conference.


The results of this ad campaign were outstanding: 

Total Impressions: 60,786

Total Reached: 17,937

Ad Budget Spent: $1,205.00

Total Sales: $4,635.00

Total Profit: $3,430.00

The first measure of success is from the excellent attendance number of widows who registered for this retreat where they found hope, encouragement, and sense of community.

Secondly, completing the campaign with over $3,400 in profit equips Susan’s ministry for future engagement with this target group through advertising, products, and events.

Lastly, we now have a vast amount of valuable data from this campaign collected and analyzed which will enable FrontGate Media to create even more effective campaigns for these events next year.

Due to the high performance and engagement with the content, we also recommended recording the retreat breakout sessions and selling a digital version of the event in the future for those unable to attend in years to come.

“Life After Breath” Executive Director Susan VandePol over the success of this campaign:

“I am REJOICING like crazy!! We have seen the tangible results of our registration! We ‘cast our bread out on the waters’ and God has multiplied it back to us already!!!… Thank you SO MUCH!! I have no words for the relief to my heart to have had this taken care of by Godly people who do this professionally.” We could not be more excited to be right there with her in making this an impactful event for so many and laying the groundwork for her future success.

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