Advancing Native Missions Bible Campaign

Since 1992, Advancing Native Missions (ANM) has helped individual Christians and local churches get involved in global missions in ways that make sense for them. Instead of sending American missionaries to other countries, ANM creates partnerships between difference-makers here and native Christian workers serving in their own countries.

FrontGate Media has worked with Advancing Native Missions since 2020 to promote the ministry by building brand awareness and their donor base. What follows is a little over a six-month snapshot of some of our activities. 

Through our marketing efforts, we are building website traffic for lead gen and donor initiatives. This includes their Annual Prayer Guide, Annual Gift Catalog promoted throughout the year, Bible Donations, and other resources for indigenous missionaries overseas. 

We started by making creative recommendations to increase the already successful Christmas catalog. Now, the Advancing Native Missions Gift Catalog, originally established as a Christmas outreach, provides year-round opportunities for donors to send mission-minded gifts to places with little to no Christian influence. All gifts from the ANM Catalog aim to help bring the Gospel message and hope of Jesus to people living in some of the neediest places in the world. Every gift donation equips indigenous Christian partners with the tools and resources they need to transform lives and significantly impact the world.

Target Audience

This multi-tactic campaign launched across multiple platforms and targeted Christian moms, families, and individuals who were not yet aware of Advancing Native Missions. 


Having started with a review of the existing creative elements, we launched our ongoing Social Advertising Campaign, generated reviews through our Women’s Bloggers Network, and built the ANM Facebook Street Team. The Advancing Native Missions campaign strategy continues to grow, including the following:

  • Social Ads: 6 months of social media ads from Oct 2021-March 2022
  • Direct Email For Every Mom: Digital display ads and direct email marketing campaign
  • The Washington Times: Digital display ads and direct email marketing campaign
  • The Old Schoolhouse: Email test marketing campaign
  • YouVersion: 5-day devotional submission to The Bible App

Advancing Native Missions YouVersion Bible App Devotional


The goal of the Advancing Native Missions campaign was and continues to be to increase the overall brand awareness of the ministry and engagement with its opportunities. We educate people about indigenous missions, drive people into our lead generation funnels, and generate donations. Overall, the campaign continues to do exceptionally well as we work through year two.

Social Ads:

  • Impressions from Oct 2021-March 2022: 3,480,938 
  • On-Facebook Leads: 5,842
  • Clicks to Site: 38,016  (1.09% CTR)
  • Page Engagement: 166,333 

Christian Influencer Group

A very small test of our Christian Influencer Group yielded a surprisingly strong result. See that case study here. Additional influencer campaigns have been scheduled throughout the year. 

The Bible App Devotional

5-Day Devotional: Leading Your Child on Mission in God’s Kingdom

  • 4.92 rating (higher than platform average) 
  • 200+ subscriptions within the first few months (and growing)
  • 53.6% completion rate (above The Bible App’s average)

Direct Email & Digital Display

After having success across all the outlets we initially tested with campaigns combining direct email and digital display, we expanded, scheduling to build frequency across the outlets. Campaign outlets included For Every Mom, NewReleaseToday, The Washington Times, The Old Schoolhouse, and others. Here are the results of these efforts on two of the platforms.

For Every Mom 

  • Direct Email sent on 11/16/2021: 44,000
  • Display Ad Impressions: 48,008 
  • Mobile Ad Impressions: 289,001 
  • Billboard Ad Impressions: 28,803 

The direct email campaign resulted in 6,396 opens–a 14.536% CTR– and a 1.50% click rate on opens. Together, these marketing efforts generated 365,812 impressions and 719 clicks to the Gift Catalog landing page. 

The Old Schoolhouse

  • Direct Emails Sent on 11/23/2021: 63,000
  • Opened: 7,840
  • Open Rate: 12.45%
  • Clicked: 144
  • Click-Thru Rate: 1.84% 

Due to the success of the email campaign at this very competitive time of year, we expanded our efforts with The Old Schoolhouse to the following:

  • Website Banner & Square Side Banner placed for a year
  • 1 Resource Guide listing in an issue of the quarterly magazine in both print and digital formats
  • A Full Page Display Ad in the quarterly magazines in both print and digital formats 
  • 1 Premium Social Media Package with boosts (2 Facebook mentions, 2 Twitter mentions, 2 Pinterest pins, 2 Instagram posts) 
  • 1 Additional Facebook Mention with boost
  • 1 Enhanced Text Ad or Enhanced Text Ad Plus in your choice of issues of The Homeschool Minute eNewsletter (on the THM website) 
  • 1 placement in the Spotlight eBlast of your choice (non-top spot) 
  • 1 HOMESCHOOL LIVE Facebook Livestream Event

Also, with the success of the previous campaign, we will be duplicating the NewReleaseToday Homepage Takeover, which includes:

  • Dedicated 970×90 Jumbo Leaderboard on the home page only
  • Dedicated 300×250 Editorial on the home page only
  • Dedicated 300×250 Banner on the mobile home page only
  • Clickable Site Skin
  • Direct Email
  • Editorial Feature
  • Social Post 1 post per platform: FB/IG/Twitter
  • Your Download of a PDF/Book/Song
  • Video or Trailer embedded in Dedicated Homepage Takeover

Based on the initial testing results across all marketing platforms and initiatives, including during the very competitive Christmas season, we’ve expanded the current campaign with multiple promotions through our Christian Influencer Group, including a Bibles For China outreach, Advertising for Ukraine Relief, and increased exposure with For Every Mom, NewReleaseToday, and The Old Schoolhouse.

We are also starting a YouTube growth initiative. 

The goal is to continue to reach Christian families who want to share the good news of Jesus to communities in need around the world by participating in one of the many opportunities offered by Advancing Native Missions.

Do you have a cause or donation-based initiative you’d like to promote? Contact us to learn how we can develop a multi-tactic campaign for your latest project!