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SIL International presents plaque to Zondervan Academic for aiding Bible translation efforts

On May 3, three representatives from SIL International presented Zondervan Academic with a plaque to thank them for providing some of the world’s top biblical resources to support efficient and accurate Bible translation work around the world.

SIL also presented a copy of their newest translation of the New Testament, in the “Salasaca Quichua” language, which is spoken by a population of about 14,300 in Ecuador.

The text of the plaque reads: “With sincere gratitude to Zondervan Academic for their generosity and commitment in contributing Scripture and study resources. These are invaluable to increasing the pace and quality of Bible translation around the world. SIL International.”

In March, SIL International and Zondervan Academic announced their partnership in working together to aid global Bible translation efforts.

From left to right in the above photo:
Stephen Quakenbush (Director of Strategic Initiatives for International Language Services, SIL International)
Paul O’Rear (Associate International Translation Coordinator, SIL International)
Doug Lockhart (SVP, Bible Marketing and Outreach, Zondervan)
Stan Gundry (SVP and publisher, Zondervan)
James Roberts (Associate Executive Director, SIL International)