ECPA's Rush To PressSheridan Brings Universal Automation to its Exclusive Journal and Book Print Management System

Contact: Susan Wiercinski, Vice President, Marketing, The Sheridan Group,

Hunt Valley, MD – Sheridan continues to expand functionality of their print management platform Sheridan Select™. With this newest release, publishers gain the ability to have incoming orders processed automatically upon upload. Sheridan Select can programmatically process incoming book and journal print orders from publisher business systems including production management, inventory management, member/subscriber systems, and eCommerce sites.

This Sheridan-developed interface represents a first in fully automated print order submission and processing. The data-driven intake and response system significantly reduces or eliminates manual touch-points typical of publisher print programs. Sheridan Select is a rules-based operating system, meaning the system will automatically channel and process print orders based on pre-established publisher preferences. Once implemented, the benefits are significant. The publisher has a single point of entry from which to submit requests from various sources. The system-to-system interface yields time-savings by reducing or eliminating manual involvement, by centralizing and consolidating processes, and simplifying production logistics. An overarching benefit is reduced costs.

The flexibility and power of Sheridan Select as a sophisticated central print management system spans the print continuum, featuring digital toner, digital inkjet, and offset print for case and perfect-bound books and journals. Applications for use include:

  • Subscriber/Member/Back Issue Management
  • Zero Warehousing
  • Global Distribute and Print
  • Automated Initial Print, Reprint, and POD Order Processing
  • eCommerce and Print on Demand (direct to consumer down to a single printed copy)
  • Online-Only Title Programs utilizing Print on Demand with Print Subscription Management
  • Event and Targeted Marketing Needs and Custom Collections

To track orders and help administer program parameters, Sheridan Select also generates multiple report formats from the Select administration modules and delivers them directly to publishers.

Tim Hurd, Sheridan’s Director of Technology, said, “Sheridan is pleased to announce our most recent innovation in sophisticated print management. A simple structured data file from nearly any business source system, coupled with publisher printing preferences, can drive economical print fulfillment of books and journals, across offset, inkjet, and toner, for domestic and global channels. By converging and centralizing their print ordering, our customers will now benefit from synchronized print management regardless of where and how the order is printed – conserving resources and expanding revenue opportunities.”

About Sheridan

Sheridan is a leading provider of print, publishing services and technology solutions to publishers, associations, university presses, and catalogers. Comprised of The Sheridan Press, Dartmouth Printing Company, Dartmouth Journal Services, and Sheridan Books, each company within The Sheridan Group has a market specialty that supports scholarly journals, magazines, catalogs, or books.