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“Share the Word. Together” partners LifeWay
Christian Stores, local churches and Holman Bibles

Any Church Can Participate in the Free Bible Giveaway

Nashville, TN — LifeWay Christian Stores and President Thom S. Rainer are kicking off “Share the Word. Together.”This new initiative mobilizes local churches to take the Word of God into their communities. “Nothing has the power to change lives like God’s Word, so we want to make it simple for church members to share it with the people around them,” says Rainer.

How does it Work?

A local church encourages members to stop by their local LifeWay Christian Store during an assigned week to pick up a free copy of a CSB personal gift Bible. Church members then give the Bible to an unchurched friend, coworker, or neighbor. The goal for this free Bible giveaway is to start gospel conversations and spark invitations to weekend worship service or Bible study.

Once your church is chosen for a specific week, we’ll provide you with everything you need to promote this initiative in your local church. You’ll get bulletin inserts, graphics, logos, email templates, and sample announcement scripts to encourage your members to participate and Share the Word. Together.

Click here to learn more or sign up today!

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