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Ask 50 people what Social Media is and you might get 50 different answers. To boil it all down into a simple context, Social Media is any community online where your message reaches and engages your audience so they take a positive action regarding your product or service.

Let’s face it, Social Media Networking is very time consuming. In our opinion, the goal for all of your external marketing efforts should be Data Capture/User Acquisition, and Social Media sites provide a formal way to do EXACTLY that. 


To create success for you, we approach Social Media as Fan Development vs. a sales pitch.

Do you have the time to sift through tens of thousands of candidates to invite thousands of “friends” to respond to your request? Of course not. It takes the kind of time and manpower that very few marketing departments have available to dedicate to the process. That’s why FrontGate Media’s Social Media Management services will serve you well. FrontGate Media has been a LEADER in social media SINCE 2007. 

FrontGate offers 3 levels of faith-based Social Media Services:

  1. Social Media Evaluation and Coaching Sessions
  2. Social Marketing Campaigns
  3. Comprehensive Social Media Management

For more information about our Social Media Services, contact us now.



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