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Public Relations

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Bill Gates once said “If I only had $2 left, I'd spend $1 on PR.”

Public Relations is about connecting to your target audience through the writers, editors and producers who are the media gatekeepers for their radio stations, television shows, publications, web sites and blogs.

We specialize in strategic, unique, individual projects rather than routine servicing of books, music or other products.

Through our Public Relations services, we create your unique PR Plan, directing your messaging through our custom process into a series of press releases and other connection points rather than a single exposure.

We establish you or your organization as an expert, building your brand through Press Releases, Web Content, Newsletter Blasts, Radio & TV Interviews, Strategic Servicing Of Product, Story Pitching and, if needed, Crisis Management.

FrontGate delivers wide reach. Being a featured guest on radio or television creates major to massive exposure for you and your message. Gatekeepers deliver you and your message to their audience.

FrontGate creates lasting impact. Web sites don't disappear. Articles are archived and searchable. Multiple releases build traffic linking back to your site.

FrontGate establishes you as an expert. Interviews and quotes establish and validate your professional credibility.

FrontGate personalizes your product. We put a face and personality that brings a human touch to your brand.

FrontGate amplifies your strengths. We find your strengths, create connection points, then strategically promote them.

FrontGate can be fully integrated into your marketing campaign. We deliver a rare opportunity to coordinate your PR messaging right alongside advertising through our media group and through our social media, merchandising, and pay per click services, all available in one stop here at FrontGate Media.

“FrontGate Media is a key strategic partner for us. They understand where our ministry is right now AND where we are going. Their team gets us. They are helping us to complete our calling through an integrated strategy across social media, public relations and advertising. I value having their mindshare.”
- Kenny Luck: Men’s Expert, Pastor & Author, Every Man Ministries & Saddleback Church

Please contact your Audience Delivery Specialist
at FrontGate Media to discuss your unique PR needs.




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