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Make Us Your Intern!

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We’ll be the most experienced intern you’ll ever have…

  • What makes FrontGate Media the first choice for Marketing Directors?
  • Why are we one of the most utilized advertising and promotion families?

How We Serve You

Think of the Christian audience as a pie. Simply put, we're a REALLY BIG piece of that pie and as our clients will tell you, we’re a really big part of their overall strategy.

Instead of wading through our ocean of media options, let us save you the work! All you have to do is...

  • Talk to us in the PLANNING STAGE not the Placement Stage.
  • Tell us WHO you want to reach & WHEN your want to reach them.
  • Have fun creating proven campaign ideas with us for each of your projects.

Your FrontGate Media Promotions Manager will provide you with a customized IDEAS LIST (see below)!

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Ideas Lists

What’s an Ideas List?  It puts time back into your day…

An Ideas List is a customized, strategic summary of the direct matches to your target audience and time frame.

  • Provided by your Audience Delivery Specialist.
  • It costs you nothing.
  • There is no obligation.

Ideas Lists run anywhere from 5-35 pages to equip you with specific target audiences, matched ideas and media options, in order of suggestion. This fully educates you at the critical moment when you need to know your options to make the best decisions.

Once you have the Ideas List, you are free to…

  • Ask questions
  • Make decisions
  • Request a suggested media allocation based on your specific budget amount!            
    It’s really that easy...

Giving You Time & Maximizing Your $$
You can spend over four hours (15 minutes per media vehicle) to personally research which FrontGate Media vehicles are the best matches to your target audience and timing, but why would you do that?

Your Audience Delivery Specialist can do the “heavy lifting” for you so you can just review what you need to when you want to know it! 

Make us your Intern! Allow us to SAVE you time and money by customizing a detailed IDEAS LIST that provides you with the best matches and ideas for use in your campaign!

Custom Promotions

We’re marketers just like you! You and your Audience Delivery Specialist at FrontGate Media, TOGETHER can create a completely custom promotion around your product or service.

We can execute just about anything we can think up together. 

Custom promotions go off the Media Kits and can include completely unique executions, editorial, advertorial, and traditional advertising options—all strategically combined together to maximize your effectiveness.

It’s just another great benefit you receive by working with your Audience Delivery Specialist at FrontGate Media. It comes from working with a fellow marketer rather than an ad sales guy…

Here’s just one example of this process in action…

Thirsty Bible by Tyndale Publishing

When Tyndale launched their teen line Thirsty, their consultants and marketing team came to us. They made us their Intern. To paraphrase, they said “Hey FrontGate Media, we’re launching a new book line targeted to teens. We’re going to start a branding campaign this Summer. We have sample chapters from the first several books and authors. We’re looking at using the theme ‘Are you Thirsty?’ Ideas?”

… and so began the brainstorming session. The end result?

After coming up with several ideas together, everyone liked best the idea of promoting at the Summer Festivals. (FrontGate Media is home to the Creation Festivals and the Spirit West Coast festivals.) The campaign included nightly teaser commercials on the massive JumboTron Screens in primetime slots at the mainstages which were viewed by literally just under 500,000 people. Exhibit booths on site at the events introduced the line personally to festival attendees daily from sun up to the moonlight hours, passing out sample chapters and collecting audience contact information for later promotional use.

All that can be done simply by reading the media kit, so what made this promotion go over the top? The stuff in the SuperSoaker backpacks! Festivals are hot and dusty affairs. At each event, we had Tyndale staffers suit up with SuperSoaker backpacks. They walked around the festival grounds all day, soaking down the more-than-willing festival attendees, then tattooing them with an “Are You Thirsty?” tattoo!

Guess what? There was no place on the Media Kit order form to check the “YES!” box for the festival SuperSoaker guy…

The combined effect of the JumboTron ads, the aggressive exhibit booth strategy and the SuperSoaker staffers was clearly visible as you watched the number of tattooed “Are You Thirsty?” festival attendees grow daily, totaling into the thousands…


FrontGate Media is the largest pop-culture audience available in the faith-based and family market. If you are just looking to connect with this audience through your existing campaign elements, your Audience Delivery Specialist will take care of your needs.

We can show you where to plug in your emedia or event media ads including…

  • Video Ads
  • Direct Email
  • Email Newsletter Ads
  • Onsite Banner Ads
  • Song Downloads
  • Sample Chapters
  • Video On Demand Commercials
  • Exhibit Booths
  • Event Banners
  • JumboTron Billboards or Commercials
  • Text Ads
  • Magazine Ads
  • Inserts
  • Direct Mail

Contact your Audience Delivery Specialist at FrontGate Media.


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FrontGate Media: The #1 culture-engaged Christian media group and audience delivery service in the faith-based market.

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